Practical Tips for Energizing Employees in the Workplace

Energizing Employees in the Workplace 2020-Executive Chronicles

ExecutiveChronicles|Practical Tips for Energizing Employees in the Workplace|Most employers focus on hiring talent that has the education and experience to get the job done. Interestingly, some leaders make the argument that the energy level of an employee is the true indicator of their ability to thrive at work. Quite frankly, you can have someone that’s educated and has comprehensive experience but does not put forth the effort to excel because they simply are not motivated. The information below offers practical tips for energizing employees in the workplace.

Make the Vision Clear

Regardless of what you’re working on, it’s hard to hit a moving target. In other words, when employees are clear about what they need to do, there’s a greater chance of them getting the job done. Sometimes it isn’t really about the task at hand, but the overall mission and vision. With a clear vision, you establish a target that employees can aim to hit. A great way to make the vision clear is by cultivating a purposeful team where everyone is engaged.

If you have a hard time getting employees to grasp and run with the vision, you’ll likely need to communicate it more frequently. It helps to make it visible by posting it on a wall. Another way to pull employees in so that they feel more purposeful is by acknowledging their accomplishments and communicating your appreciation for their efforts. Everyone wants to be affirmed for his or her contributions and some people need reassuring more often than others.

Provide Healthy Snacks

It’s amazing how little attention is paid to the kinds of snacks provided in an office environment. While it’s understandable that candy, donuts and soda will be provided periodically, these are not snacks and beverages that will refresh and energize people. Consider replacing sugary snacks with a basket of fruit and natural beverages to promote health and wellness. This can include drinks with a probiotic that can boost energy and mental clarity. A healthy afternoon snack can be better than a cup of coffee.

Focus on Comfort

Most people spend a minimum of 40 hours every week at work. With that being the case, it should be an environment that’s enjoyed for its comfort. This doesn’t just mean employees should have a comfortable chair. There should also be décor that’s attractive and lighting that brightens the room. It’s best if the lighting is natural whenever possible. You might be surprised how much a bright and beautifully decorated room can make a difference in an employee’s ability to be productive. Employees that have a nice work environment feel respected by their employer, which can result in greater commitment and effort.

Offer Growth Opportunities

One of the best things you can do to energize employees is offer growth opportunities. People are more driven when working towards something that will benefit their future. Let’s face it, just about everyone could use more money and people are motivated to perform better when there is a monetary reward. Whether it’s a promotion or a chance to work on a key project, offering an employee a new opportunity can lead to a boost in their performance. Investing in your existing team also happens to be a great business strategy.

Treat Everyone With Respect

There are few things that will deflate people more than disrespect. It’s the reason why establishing respect as a company value is important. There should be a written and verbalized commitment to treating everyone respectfully. This should be a priority and instances of disrespect should be addressed.


All of these tips are practical ways to create a work environment where employees are motivated and enthusiastic. It’s the type of energy that can lead to higher productivity and positive morale. Both of these are likely to boost revenue, which makes it a win-win scenario for everyone involved.