Pomodoro technique Improves Work Habit, Productivity?


By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Modern living thought us that we can maximize our potentials if we know how to work smart.  This is also the reason why there are different life hacking tips to cope with stress and challenges.  Among the popular time management style is the Pomodoro technique, which was conceptualized in 80s. What’s the gist of this fun technique and how it becomes helpful for your work productivity?

Basically, it is named after the kitchen timer Pomodoro and created by Francesco Cirillo. With the help of this kitchen tool, which an Italian word for tomato, an individual is set to do one task within 25 minutes. The aim is to focus on certain work within the given time and check what’s needed to improve in your performance. It’s good if you want to finish little chores like reading manual, cleaning your desk, and following up an assignment.  With the help of Pomodoro, you can break or change gears every 25 minutes.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

However in the video tutorial posted on pomodorotechnique.com, it shared that there are six objectives in doing this.  Some of it suggested that you should monitor how much effort you need per activity. It’s not necessary that you need one Pomodoro or 25 minutes to complete a task. Thus, you have to see how many Pomodoro or 25 minutes you need.  The next aim would be to protect your time by blocking distractions like checking social media account or eating.

The Pomodoro technique not only involved accomplishing an activity.  Reviewing and checking the quality of your work should also part of your 25-minute rule.  This Cirillo is also good for organizing and improving how you do activities as per the video tutorial.  You can do it by also setting timetable of all your wish to do and tracking your performance.

According to Business Insider, Cirillo invented this time management strategy when he’s still college student. The report added that the Italian entrepreneur also recommends to have three to five minutes break like stretching per interval.  You can plan your day to day tasks using Pomodoro, but you can also just use it for particular activities you like.