“Pokemon Go” Tactics that Might Work Well for Your Business


Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

The highly addicting augmented-reality mobile game “Pokémon Go,” has invaded the Philippines and is now invading famous landmarks and malls in every city. In order to play the Pokémon Go game, players move throughout the real world to hunt for and capture digital Pokémon. It might not appeal to the businessmen or might not be irrelevant to businesses, but since the game is geographically based, businesses can capitalize on this fad as there there are a number of ways businesses can use it as a tactic to ‘lure’ local Pokémon trainers to your location and, hopefully, convert them into paying customers.

First thing that you should need to do is to install the Pokémon Go app and identify if your business is within close proximity to two important Pokémon Go locations.

The first location is called the PokéStop. PokéStops are buildings or places around a city where players swing by to grab some extra Poké Balls and potions. Many of these stops are businesses, but even if yours isn’t one a PokéStop is still likely nearby.

The other type is called a ‘gym,’ where players battle their Pokémon in a bid to gain control of the location for their team. These locations regularly attract players multiple times a day and can used to leverage into generating more patronage for your business.

Identify a PokéStop near your business location. Purchase a lure in the Pokemon Go app using your credit or debit card. Install the lure in a PokéStop. Once the lure module activates wild Pokémons (and, players) will be lured to that location. Consider buying a bunch of lures and advertising a night as “‘Pokémon Go’ Lure Party!” If your business is on or near a PokéStop, hosting a lure party could be a great way to bring players to your establishment. Each lure will be active for 30 minutes. It would be best if you create a lure party at times when there are not so much customers, to encourage more people to go near your store and possibly buy from you. Use lures in succession for as long as you’d like. Sponsoring lure parties and packaging them with some special deals could be a great way to bring in some extra money.

Another way to incentivize players to come patronize your business is by hosting a tournament in advance, offering  discounts or giving away coupons or gift certificates to gym battle winners might be the key to success while the fad is still hot. Gym battles might bring full-paying customers, while the tournament is ongoing. It’s a good idea to reward gym leader players with your products or services.  It’s a big possibility that the gym leaders teammates will be there alongside them as full-paying customers.

Go and organize a “Pokémon Go” hunt that starts and ends at your business location as part of your marketing strategy. It might not be near PokéStops or gyms, but that’s ok. Simply advertise the date and time of your  Poké-hunt, wait for players (customers) to gather, and then walk together to catch the little monsters around your community. Ensure that your staff joins the hunters in branded company Pokemon designed shirts to make sure your business is visible through the entire event. Set-up an after-party and invite the Pokemon masters to your establishment for some tips and exchange notes on capturing, training and battling Pokemons.

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