Planning A Trip To USA Shopping Malls? Keep These Shopping Hacks In Mind!

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Image: | Planning A Trip To USA Shopping Malls? Keep These Shopping Hacks In Mind! | The United States is truly a shoppers’ paradise! There are plenty of shopping malls, supermarkets, grocery stores, strip malls, specialty shops, online, and catalog shopping options. However, most of the first-time visitors follow the concept of ‘shop till you drop’ and end up spending beyond their budget.

Therefore, before you take your trip to the USA shopping malls, consider these shopping hacks for finding the best deals without hurting your budget –

Rethink About Those Sales Before You Take Your Wallet Out

Whenever you visit a shopping mall, you are likely to find a sale. However, the impact of sales isn’t what it once was; it is something very common nowadays. Stores advertise things on sale and say that the sale will end within a couple of days. If you pay some attention, you’ll notice that after a few days, the same item is offered at a discount again.

From colors, sounds in the stores to the layout, everything is tailored to trick you into buying things quickly. Even the cups of hot chocolate may be there for a smart purpose. Thus, a sale may not be the bargain it seems. 

Besides, the sales occurring on the day after Black Friday are the largest. It’s not uncommon for the people to camp outside ahead of the time. Many of them who visit early for holiday shopping end up buying more unnecessary items. 

Be a smart shopper. If you are planning to visit the USA shopping malls on Black Friday or other special days, make a list of the items you need. Go to the different stores and see what price they are offering. The only way to know if the sale item is worth is to compare the price.

Clearance Sections Are There For A Reason

Generally, clearance items are a good deal, where out-of-season commodities are marked down to lower prices. Beware they can make you buy items you won’t buy otherwise. They often feature signage saying it’s your last chance to buy that heavily discounted dress.

Instead of thinking, you need to grab as many bargains as you can, focus on what you are spending, and save. 

Get The Inside Scoop Before You Enter The Outlet Mall

Before you step into the mall, view its website. It will let you know which stores have sales or promotions. You can also download the shopping coupons. If the outlet mall you are planning to visit has no website or you don’t find any coupons, it’s best to stop at the customer service first.

Here, you can find coupon books or get all the information about trending sales. You can also join the shopping malls’ loyalty program to receive exclusive coupons, points for purchase, or the latest notifications of the sales dates.

Use Coupons Carefully

What better than getting an additional price reduction on things that are already on sale? But, it is essential to use the coupons with caution. Sometimes, what you think is a coupon to Nike outlet is actually a coupon to Nike’s regular store, which is a completely different shopping store.

If a brand has both regular and outlet stores, the coupon must say ‘factory’ or ‘outlet.’ If potential savings are waiting for you, it’s no shame to ask if the coupon is valid. 

If you join the loyalty program, you can receive the coupons via email. Make sure to check the dates so that you can shop when the coupons are valid.

Don’t Think That Outlet Is Cheaper

If you find something in an outlet store, it doesn’t mean you get a good deal. Sometimes, regular stores offer the same discounts and have better return policies. 

Sidewalk sales or big sale weekends in regular malls can give you net high-quality things at comparable prices. Thus, before you splurge money on something at the outlet mall, it’s worth an extra look.

If you are a savvy shopper, head to the retail mall for finding deals on good-quality items. It will save you money over paying for any low-quality item at an outlet store.


While the USA shopping malls are a great place to snag electronics, clothes, shoes, or other accessories on good discounts, you need to be a smart shopper. The shopping hacks mentioned above will help you make sure that you are getting the deals worth your money.