Philippines’ Destinations Worth Retiring In

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The Philippines is home to a whole lot of stunning provinces and picture-perfect destinations. While this might seem obvious to Filipino locals, more and more tourists are starting to realize the same thing. In fact,  tourism rose to 7.7% in 2018 alone, with over 7.1 million foreign visitors coming to experience the unparalleled beauty that is the Philippines. While others stay for a short while, some end up staying for the long haul and for good reason. Apart from its bustling city life and endless livelihood possibilities, the Philippines has slowly become a country worth retiring in and today we showcase some of the best spots you can settle down in the Philippines.

  1. Bohol

Bohol PhilippineFirst on the list is a lush, charming city filled with the kindest, most trustworthy locals. What makes Bohol a perfect retirement destination is a fact that it offers as close a connection to beloved nature through unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else in the Philippines. From exciting night safaris to firefly-lit boat rides, Bohol is an underrated destination that will surely make you want to stay for good. Compared to other trending destinations, Bohol seems a whole lot more peaceful and quiet too – a huge plus when considering where to retire. The province is not quaint though so be prepared to provide yourself with proper transportation to be able to go around beautiful Bohol. Beaches are usually an hour away from the city proper but are definitely worth the drive. If you plan to live away from the city, day-to-day essentials such as groceries and banks are about 30 minutes away. Either way, a car should be part of your priority list if you plan to settle down in Bohol.

  1. Boracay

Boracay PhilippineThis recently repurposed island is back to its original glory and it is no surprise many retired foreigners want to call it home. This semi-developed island is perfect for those who wish to live comfortably but still be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Boracay comes fully equipped with banks, fast-food chains, and even spas by the beach! Don’t expect to find malls though. You’ll find none of that sort there. But surely that won’t be a problem since you’ll be living it up to pristine shores, mouthwatering beachside meals, and the most beautiful sunsets for the rest of your days.

  1. Cebu

Cebu PhilippineIf you’re the type who loves a good balance between city and province life, Cebu is the retirement destination for you. This warm and friendly city is almost reminiscent of Manila. In Cebu, city life is fully developed as they also have business districts, lots of commercial centers, and bustling nightlife to boot. But drive out of the city for about an hour and a half and you’ll find yourself faced with life so lush at the province. Cebu’s countryside boasts of mountain tops, charming seaside towns, and amazing wildlife. For as early as the ’90s, many foreigners have begun to call Cebu as their home, which means businesses like restaurants and hotels run by foreigners are a normal sight whenever you find yourself in this beautiful city.

  1. Baguio

Baguio PhilippineFor retirees who are all about the cold weather, Baguio is the perfect place to settle down. This quaint province three hours away from Manila is situated way up amongst the clouds. The weather here is cold and breezy all-year-round. And while the city is almost always bustling with call centers, tourists, and students, there’s an unspeakable calmness and charm about the place. One thing people love about Baguio is that it’s a superbly creative town filled with art, history, and undeniably good food. A major plus? The place used to be run by Americans so the locals here speak impeccable English!

  1. Siargao

Siargao PhilippineNumber one on the list is an island recently dubbed as the best in the world this 2019. Siargao is a town in Surigao Del Norte that has quickly risen to fame because of its impressive white sand beaches, gnarly waves and fairly unique vibe. From water sports, peaceful woodlands, lazy beach vibes, to exotic rock pools, the remote island is perfect for retirees who are in search of that islander lifestyle. If you are looking to retire in a place that is considered a tropical paradise, Siargao should definitely be your top pick. The island population is currently capped at 200,000 but is expected to rise due to the attention the island has been getting worldwide.


Excited to settle down in the Philippines yet? Which destination feels most like home to you? Don’t forget to share your top picks on this list with your family and friends. Mabuhay!

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