Perth Mortgage Broker vs Mortgage Lender

Mortgage Broker | Shifting to a new house with your entire family is not a simple job. You have to spend days trying to find a good property in a great location. Even if you manage to find one sooner than you think, the next step of getting a suitable mortgage loan will certainly make you sweat like crazy. Trying to find a good mortgage lender and a great deal is surely a stressful task. You have to get all your finances in shape, get your credit report reviewed, and also decide upon a suitable lender to apply. Normally, it is seen that people have a choice between a direct lender and a mortgage broker.

It is important for you to understand that the best mortgage broker acts a middleman or an intermediary who helps to identify some of the best lenders in town based on your situation and also helps you collect all the relevant information that will be needed to apply for a mortgage. On the other hand, a direct lender is just as the name suggests. It is basically a bank or a financial institution that will mainly decide upon your qualification to apply and if granted will also hand over the check to you.

Mortgage Brokers

When it comes to a mortgage broker, he will be the best person to help you compare different mortgage deals and shop for the best one. Brokers normally get a variety of quotes from different lenders and put forward these quotes to you all together. It is important that you also do some online research on your own in order to find out about the current rates. You will come across several websites that update their list of mortgage rates on a regular basis.

It is needless to say that a good mortgage broker will be able to provide you with more relevant information such as which lenders provide specific types of mortgage that will be suitable for you, which ones loan money in your area, and also which lenders avoid or welcome different applications on loans for specific types of homes that may include condos, multi-family houses or co-ops.

There are some lenders who work exclusively with mortgage brokers. They provide these lenders with borrowers’ access to loans which is not provided to borrowers directly. This is why it is always a good idea to visit one good mortgage broker to help you find out about all types of loans that can easily quality for. Once you make the choice, the broker will also be by your side during the application process.

Direct Lenders

When you talk about a direct lender, it basically refers to a financial institution that provides its customers with mortgages. Most of these include banks and some specific loans associations. Instead of visiting a broker, if you decide to visit a direct lender, you may have to apply to more than one lender at a time. This will take up more of your time and effort. You need to choose the lender with the best rates along with a backup if that does not come through.