It Pays to Pay Attention to your Customers in Social Media


Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

Consumers in general, want brands to use social media as a two-communication medium. However, majority of businesses aren’t giving in to those customer wants.

Social media is now the leading channel that consumers use to interact with businesses.

1/3 of consumers use social media as way of of communicating with the brands whenever they have a problem with the brand’s product, compared to 16 percent, who prefers calling, and 5 percent, to personally visit the store.

Customers want immediate feedback. They are not there to ask for everything. They want somebody to talk to them and help them out with their concern.

Did you know that 90 percent of the messages that need a response are ignored by businesses?  Customers want immediate or timely action based on their concerns. Problem is brands don’t take social media seriously. The average response time to a social media message is 10 hours. Customers appreciated immediate feedback. If they don’t get feedback within 4 hours, chances are, they get disgruntled with your brand.

People want a human being behind a social media account. They want greater social engagement.

Brands don’t exert enough effort to look into this.

By having somebody behind the brands social media account, this will lessen the negative impact on customer loyalty, customer retention and publicity.

30% of consumers who don’t get enough response from a brand, switch to a competing brand, while 65% will stick with the brand, if they get enough feedback.

Conversion is higher when brands listen and prioritize customer care. 75% of consumers are more likely to post something positive about the brand when the brands make a meaningful connection with them on social, while 43% say they’re more likely to actually buy from the brand again.

In this digital era, businesses need to develop better communication strategies. They need to listen more to their customers. Most importantly, they need to respond.

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