Packaging Solutions: 6 Key Reasons Product Packaging Is Important

Drop-Shipping Channels vs. Your Own eCommerce Online Store How To Reduce The Likelihood Of Packaging and Product Damage in Transit Packaging Solutions | Packaging Solutions: 6 Key Reasons Product Packaging Is Important | 72 percent of all consumers state that packaging design has an influence on their purchasing decision.

Often, a product’s packaging is the first interaction a shopper has with the item. Packaging is both tactile and intimate. It offers a tangible experience for the customer and tells a story about your brand.

When done correctly and creatively, product packaging can draw attention to your product and boost sales. Sure, you may need to invest a little more time and money in top-notch packaging solutions, but the benefits are well worth it.

In today’s post, we highlight six top product packaging benefits. Read on to learn more.

  1. Excellent Packaging Solutions Boost Product and Brand Visibility

In today’s cluttered grocery environment, achieving shelf stand-out can seem like an impossible affair. This is especially true for new products.

One of the top features of exceptional packaging is its strong visual appeal. A creatively packaged product has a powerful shelf presence. Shoppers are instantly drawn to the product and are more likely to purchase it.

Excellent packaging also gives crucial information about your company. You get to communicate your brand details, offer contact information, and so on. Such brand packaging boosts awareness about your company, which can promote your other products.

  1. You Get to Define Your True Brand Identity

Product packaging offers you a great opportunity to accurately and consistently communicate who you are to customers. You’re not just looking to make a powerful first impression. You want to be memorable. 

For instance, a brand that deals with only natural organics should choose packaging that accurately reflects this. That means using packaging that’s eco-friendly, contains earthy colors, and so on. 

Consistency in packaging helps foster trust and loyalty among customers, which boosts your sales in the long run.

  1. Proper Packaging Protects the Product

The primary purpose of packaging is to protect the product while still preserving aesthetics. You want to keep the contents of the package intact from the manufacturer to the consumer. This way, the end-user feels that you’ve done what it takes to provide them with a product of the highest quality.

Packaging should protect the product from such external factors as heat, light, and humidity. That’s why in some cases, the packaging is more than the actual product. 

  1. Good Packaging Enhances Consumer Safety

The last thing you want is for your product to harm its end user. Good packaging can help you avoid that by providing information on how consumers can safely use the product.

For instance, everyday products like bread should reveal the packing date, the best before date, and the ingredients used. This information should be visible on the product’s packaging.

Speaking of customer safety, it’s important to ensure that the packaging material itself doesn’t pose a danger to the consumer. For instance, the material shouldn’t transfer harmful chemicals, taste, or smell to the food. If the packaging does contain certain toxic substances, this information should be made clear to the consumer.

  1. Excellent Packaging Communicates Product Value

As we pointed out earlier, packaging plays a huge role in consumer decisions. When a consumer is trying to determine whether they’re buying a premium product or not, they don’t just look at the price tag. Top-notch packaging can indicate that too.

If you have a premium product enclosed in low-cost packaging, consumers will hardly recognize the product as such. Invest in the right packaging equipment and material. If you’re in the beer industry, for instance, the equipment found in this guide can help take your packaging to the next level.

  1. Good Packaging Portrays Social Responsibility

Consumers are getting increasingly conscious about the well-being of the environment. Eco-friendly packaging is becoming a priority. For smart entrepreneurs, this is the perfect opportunity to stand out from the competition by demonstrating a commitment to protecting the environment through packaging.

Choose packaging material with little to no carbon footprint. Consider the material’s recyclability and reusability. The more sustainable your packaging appears to consumers, the more likely they are to choose your product.

Be sure to label on the packaging how the material impacts the environment and whether it is recyclable. Such information will surely catch the consumer’s eye and help them view your brand positively.

What Constitutes Good Packaging Design?

Now that you’ve seen how packaging can benefit you, it’s time to look at the features of good packaging design. Here are three of them.

Originality and Creativity

Your packaging needs to impart an air of excellent quality and product exclusivity. Opt for top-notch, ingenious packaging. This way, your clients know you put a lot of thought, time, and effort into creating and realizing a superb design.


In your quest for a creative packaging design, don’t forget about your idea’s practicality. The packaging design should reflect how you expect consumers to use your product. Take such functionality aspects as shape, size, and storage to come up with an appropriate design.


Never use packaging that doesn’t represent its contents honestly. If there are graphics and pictures on the packaging, make them as realistic as possible. 

Many manufacturers are guilty of making their product appear much more than it is on the packaging. The problem with this is that your customers may feel cheated, and their trust in your brand flies out the window.

Also, be open about any potential side effects that the product may cause by providing this information on the packaging. Doing so inspires trust in your consumers.

Product Packaging Can Make or Break Your Business

The manner in which you package your products plays a huge role in how customers respond to them. When you choose the right packaging solutions, you get to boost your brand, distinguish yourself from your competitors, and justify a higher price point. Go for packaging that’s practical, creative, and eco-friendly.

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