One-on-one With Breakroad35 CEO Jj Javier

Patricia Aleckzandra | Executive Chronicles

A newbie in the networking industry, Jj Javier has achieved many recognition and prestigious awards internationally. He has traveled around the world, and has met a lot of people. Now, he manages an international company, Breakroad35, which has touched and made a difference to people’s lives. But his success did not start with just a simple cup of coffee.

Jj was not born rich. In fact, he grew up in a marketplace where he learned to work in an early age. Because his parents cannot afford to send him to school, he worked hard to support his education. From his childhood days to his teen years until he graduated high school.

Although he did not finish college, he was able to manage an IT and BPO company which catered to local and international clienteles at the age of 24. Being one of the youngest entrepreneur to show an excellent performance in the field, he had been featured in Entrepreneur’s Magazine and has received various recognition. However, his company had complications in the business that forced him to shut it down. Losing everything, he knew he had to start all over again.

Jj never had an easy life. He stumbled a few times. But his failures did not stop him from pushing himself to reach for the stars.

A father, a dreamer, a visionary, a leader – that is how we knew Jj Javier.

In an interview with the Executive Chronicles, he proved to us that EC is right to know him in that ways. He talked about his journey as an entrepreneur while inspiring us with the lessons he learned along the way.

EC: What inspired you to enter this business?

JJ: The reason I’m in this business is because I have dreams. I’ve got dreams that I want to fight for. I’ve got reasons to do this.

He further explained that his dreams include three people: first, his family; second is his parents, and lastly is the people around him. A father to his beautiful daughter and a loving husband, his only wish for his family is to have the best life this world can offer. That is why his first motivation is to see his family happy and well-provided. He sees to it that he is the best father and husband to his family. Next is his love for his parents. Being a loving and humble son, Jj plans to give them the life they deserve. He wanted them to live happy and proud of him. They are one of the reasons why he keeps on pursuing in life. In the interview, he said,

“I just want to honor my parents. The only honor I could give them is to succeed in this life. Despite of life’s lacking, of the bad past that we had, I want to honor them.”

Lastly, his dreams include giving back to people. With Breakroad35’s mission (and his life’s aim) to make a difference to other people, he pledge his life to help and inspire others as well as to lead them to better lives.

EC: When did you realize that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

JJ:  I never thought that I am going to be an entrepreneur. All I know is that I am destined for something great. All I believe is that I am destined for this. And I’ve always wanted to be part of something good, something different. That (idea) brought me to this point of success in life.

As early as 15 years old, Jj has realized that God’s plan for his life is to have an abundant one. But to be able to attain that, one must work hard for it. This is one of his motivations why he never stopped dreaming and pursuing for greatness even if there were trials along the way. He mentioned that he had lost millions and had gained it too. Yet, losing tons of money did not make him stop instead saw it as an opportunity to start over again. Like what he said,

“The idea is not going back (to your failures). That is about starting over again. It is not how many times you fail. It is not how many times you gone broke. It is about how you stand up every time you fail. It is how you get back on your feet that will make you stronger.”

EC: Have you mentored someone to be like you?

JJ: Yes. There are hundreds of them now. In fact, some of them have already made seven-figure earnings. Some of them have better houses, and cars. They have savings in a bank. A total life change.

When asked how did he helped them grow professionally, his answer was through coaching. He explained that coaching is more of showing what should be done than just telling people what they should do. They share their lives with Jj, at the same time, he shares experiences and lessons he have learned so far.

EC: Let’s talk about MLM. What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

JJ: The advantages and disadvantages actually depends on the person who actually gets involved in the business. There were some stories of success, there were some stories of failure in this industry too – same with other industry. But one thing is certain, this industry provides equal opportunities to a lot of people, to every person in the world, from all walks of life.

EC: In Breakroad35, what is the most difficult situation you experienced?

JJ: In this business, it is always the beginning that is the hardest because you get to set-up everything. It is very challenging process – from legal to current development to people – there were a lot of challenges. But it is very much fulfilling when you see it happening. Since the day we started this company, we have gone so much. We have gone so far from where we started. You will never feel that it is hard or difficult if you love what you are doing. It is in the beginning, it is where the hard part is, the setting-up stage.

EC: You’ve told us your stories: how you wanted your family to have a good life, how you helped people to have better lives. In your perspective, how are you as a CEO?

JJ: How am I as a CEO? Sometimes I’m a friend. Sometimes I’m a drinking buddy. Sometimes I’m a father. Sometimes I’m a brother. Sometimes I’m a counselor. You’re going to wear a lot of hats here as a CEO. But to take the challenge of leading a company like this, it takes a strong conviction. I am challenged and I am inspired. I am part of something big. I am always focused on the vision that I am passing on to every people that comes into this office. I am a very strong leader. I’m a very strong CEO because if you are not, you are going to lose yourself.

He explained to us that flexibility is the key to become a successful leader. Listening to them when they say something and influencing them at the end of your conversation will make a great CEO.

EC: What is your long-term goal for your business right now?

JJ: Three years from now, we will be the next billion-dollar company. We want to make a difference. We want to go global, we must have a lot of money. We want to make a difference. We need to be the strongest company to be able to make a difference in this industry.

EC: What is your definition of success?

JJ: The only way we can go to the next level of success in this business is when we see people who believe in us succeeding also – gaining success, gaining time and financial freedom. Leadership is all about that. As a CEO, as a leader of this company, the only absolute sign, that we are successful is when I see my people becoming like me or better than me. That is how it works.

EC: What are the key elements for a successful business?

  1. Vision is very important. Where do you want to go? What do you wish to achieve with what you are doing? That is very important. In life, people got no vision. People loses their ways, their selves in the process because they try to chase the money. When you put up a business without some sense of direction, you will be falling often. It is just a matter of time and you’re done.
  2. Credibility in creating quality products.
  3. Integrity. People compromises. If you want to succeed in this industry, you must have integrity.
  4. Leadership.
  5. Care for one another. Because at the end of the day, your people matters.
“For people out there who have dreams in life, you have to be certain with what you want, where you want to go. That is the only thing that will keep you going no matter what happens.” – Jj Javier, Breakroad35 CEO

Breakroad35 CEO Jj Javier is a dreamer. He continues to aspire big and aim high for his dreams. That is why, in EC’s interview, he would constantly remind us to never give up. Keep dreaming and chase that dream.  Because when you have a purpose to do things, you will never give up.

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