Office Romance Etiquette

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by Rey Beltran |

Office romance happens whether we like it or not. But there are rules, most of them not broken down in the company manual, that one should follow in order to maintain professionalism in the workplace.

Avoid Married Men or Women at Work

Need I say more? First, if the relationship is discovered by the office, chances are, you lose your job. Second, you’ll be gossip fodder. You wouldn’t like that as part of your rep. Third, you’ll find it difficult to get a new job because for sure, when the HR department of your intended employment checks you out, they will hear about it.

Discretion is the Word

Flirting is fun. The element of fun is on how you are discreet about it. And let it stay that way. Outright flirting like draping yourself all over him or delivering double entendre for everyone to hear is a recipe for disaster. The less obvious, the more thrilling it is. Remember, less is always more when it comes to flirting.

Decipher Mixed Signals

ASSUME makes an ASS of U and ME. Never, never assume that the smiling girl is always smiling at you. For all you know, she smiles a lot at everyone. Or don’t think that he has been giving you that extra attention, he might be totally attentive and a true gentleman for all the damsels in distress.

Not unless an action is expressed outright, DO NOT ASSUME. If you are receiving mixed signals, just play it cool and play along but NEVER ASSUME.

Keep It a Secret

Would you or would you not tell your officemates about the affair? Not unless you are so sure of your officemates trustworthiness, do not share… especially the details.

Be Careful of Online Messages and Emails

Ahh, the power of technology. What would we do without it? For one, we can personally talk to the person. But alas! We usually find ourselves sending emails and messages through online messaging using the office network! No matter how much you try keep the message public, but if you’re using company email, online messaging, etc. you’re bound to be found out! For one, you don’t usually turn your monitor off when you leave your workstation, do you?

Another thing is, when you send emails, think twice before pressing that send button. Office emails are usually monitored by the IT department.

No Sex in the Office

Definitely a no-no. Aside from risking you and your partner’s privacy, you’re risking your job. Remember: There are security cameras all over the office… and they are all hidden discretely.

Know the Company Rules

Find out what the stand of the company is when it comes to office romance. That way, you will know how to conduct yourself.

But to play it safe, here’s a piece of advice: do not poop in your own backyard.