In-Office Cyber Security Hacks

8 Ways to Improve Your Company's IT Security Cyber Security Hacks |  Cyber Security is an important issue in any organization today. Hackers have been getting smarter since the past and using a more advanced and sophisticated method to hack the system. It is important to realize the techniques by which a hacker hacks the system in an organization. Hacking can be prevented to a great extent by creating awareness among the employees so they can work properly and securely. Hackers target the pattern that a human follows and exploits it to gain unauthorized entry in the system for malicious intent. Data can be stolen by them or deleted from the system which is a living nightmare for any organization. 

Attacking the cloud

Cloud had become popular very fast and organizations today prefer using the cloud to communicate, share and store data. While the benefits of the cloud cannot be ignored, it can also not be ignored that cyber attacks are more likely to hack the clouds and proper steps should be taken to secure the cloud. It is difficult to prevent hacking to the cloud and also once the hacker enters the system by using an authorized account he can stay there for a while and it takes time to remove him from the system. 

Checking if it’s a phishing website

It is important to raise awareness of the people handling sensitive data in the organization. Hackers use a technique called phishing where the hacker makes a copy of the original website and the user thinks that it is the original website and provides the website with the id and password of the account. The hackers get the login credentials of the system and hack into the system. This is a very effective system used by hackers. To prevent this type of attacks you have to check the website that you visit more carefully. There are usually some signs that tell you if the website is a phishing websites. First of all look for spelling mistakes and grammar errors. In the chat system, you can see that you are being referred to as a customer and not your name can be a sign too. You can call the sender to verify if it’s them when you feel any doubt. 

Using the network securely

It is important to make sure that you are not accessing any unauthorized networks. Sometimes you may even realize that you have entered an unsecured website. You can see a padlock in the address bar that says the website is secured. Other than that when you use free WiFi in cafeteria or roads be careful as those network connections are not secure and are not properly encrypted. Your data might be at risk and can be used later to hack an organization’s system using your data. It is important to make sure that the printed papers of any organization are properly destroyed when they are no longer used. Firstly, you have to make sure secure printing procedures are maintained. By installing secure printing software, you can make sure that the documents you send to the printer are not released until you are standing at the printer, which ensures the security of important documents. When you no longer need the documents put them in a shredder and then dispose of them. 

Using legitimate software and regular software updates

It is important to make sure that you are using the legitimate version of the software. Hackers release a pirated version of the software on the internet for people to use. The pirated version contains spyware which steals information from your network and passes the sensitive information to the creator. The first important guideline for safety is to use the original version in any organization or at home. Other than installing the original version it is important to update the software as new software is more equipped with an anti-hacking mechanism. Software updates keep the system secure of an organization.

For ensuring the safety of the network in your office you must be aware of the threats and the safety measures that you can take to prevent hacking.