Nissan unveils ‘Intelligent Parking Chair’


by Kyla Camille |

The Japanese car maker Nissan recently unveiled its “Intelligent Parking Chair”, an offshoot of its self-parking technology derived from its cars experimenting with automatic steering.

Using modified Okamura chairs, these office seats automatically orient themselves and return to their assigned desks neatly, triggered only by a clap of the hands.  These chairs are shown turning 360 degrees, and are tracked with the help of cameras placed in the room’s ceiling, generating a birds’ eye view on a computer that wirelessly transmits the chair’s position and its route to its destination.

While it is a novel demonstration of its self-parking technology, Nissan, as the leader in autonomous driving technology, has already implemented this system in its X-Trail hybrid model and other Nissan vehicles – a step closer to delivering a fully autonomous driving experience.