Networking While Traveling

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Working your business life into your vacation time doesn’t have to be a drag. By planning ahead and scouting for networking opportunities during your stay, your next getaway can quickly become the next move in building your career. Make your travel arrangements by searching for the best deals through Dunhill Travel Deals. The following steps will take care of the rest. Don’t forget to print out your business cards!

Announce Yourself!

Your first step is something you were probably already planning to do — a social media post. Announcing your upcoming trip and soliciting travel advice is a win-win situation. It lets friends (and work connects) who live in the place you’re going to know about (and plan for) your visit, and it lets experienced travelers in your circle play the expert in your comments. Just be sure to put something in about wanting to network.

Find Out Where the Other Workers Are

From Hubud in Bali to Patchwork in Paris, there are coworking spaces the world over with a desk waiting for you. These spaces provide state of the art office facilities for locals and outsiders alike, and are ideal for connecting with other people in your field. You should also be on the lookout for any networking events happening while you’re in town. Check local event listings on sites like Eventbrite and start plotting your itinerary.

Ask a Friend

While that Facebook post about your impending travel plans might get you some great recs and advice in the comments, it’s worth remembering not all of your professional friends are in the social media game. Have a friend who has visited your destination recently? Even if they’re not in the same field as you, they may have recommendations for great co-working spaces and professional meetup opportunities (and they may even be able to provide some warning when it comes to underwhelming networking ventures). Shoot any friends in the know an email or text (and don’t forget to ask about other things, like their favorite places to eat or things to do while you’re at it).

Get Organized

Once you let everyone know about your trip, and do some research of your own, it’s time to get your itinerary in order. You want to make time for both business and pleasure, but try to network early on. This lets you reconnect with people over the course of your stay and allows for any further introductions.

You love the work you do, so it only makes sense you’d want to make time to meet new friends and colleagues within your field. With Dunhill Travel Deals, you can plan your next great getaway and all of the exciting networking opportunities that are bound to come with it.