Networking in the Modern Age

Business Coaching Tips to Get Quick Success in Your Business | Networking in the Modern Age | If you want to build your career, then you had better be good at networking. Networking is pivotal to the success of many businesses. Getting a robust digital presence on LinkedIn has never been more essential than it is today. How you build your network link is as important as who you spend time with at the office. 

My Custom Essay experts know a lot about the importance of building relationships. Here are five ideas that will help you build your network in this digital age! 


  • Attend Different Webinars


Attending webinars held by experts inside or outside your industry can give you more exposure than you think. If there’s something you’ve always been curious about, sign up for a related webinar. You’ll often have the opportunity to ask and answer questions in the Q&A session and get an email of the recap.

After the webinar, take the initiative and connect with them on LinkedIn. Be concise, friendly, and specific. Connecting with these people will make it easy for you to see what they are up to in the future. From there, you can decide whether to participate in those events.


  • Do your Research on dream Company


Discover dream companies and pay close attention to mutual connections. For example, you can check if anyone from your Alma mater works there. Before you apply, contact the person you have mutual connections with and inform them about your intentions. Ask them if they will be willing to connect on the phone with you and have conversations with them.

Initiating and steering conversation is critical. And getting internal connections and recommendations will sure do you much good!


  • Be Active on LinkedIn


If you don’t have an active LinkedIn profile yet, you need to! This is 2020! LinkedIn has over 675 million monthly users, with a focus on business and networking. This is more networking than Twitter and WhatsApp have to offer. And what’s more? Your jobs will get 15x more content impressions! 

If you want your LinkedIn profile to remain active, ensure you comment on posts, share posts, tag individuals, and lots more. When you see someone that resonates with your values and ideas, do not hesitate to connect with that person! Let recruiters know when you’re available for jobs and other new opportunities. Also, don’t forget to post when you meet new career milestones! 


  • Make Your Other Social Accounts Private


Keep your activities on other social handles private or at least professional. This is because nowadays, recruiters make it a point to check our actions on other social media accounts. If your LinkedIn presence does not align with those on other social media accounts, then make your accounts private. 


  • Maintain Contact


As much as you can, make it a point to stay connected with individuals that you have worked with previously. Try to keep in touch with them because they could be your window to more significant opportunities. 


We are in a digital world, and the traditional means of face-to-face connection may no longer suffice. Harness the power of the internet to connect with people!