“Network Fit” is the New “Culture Fit”


MJ Gonzales │ExecutiveChronicles.com

In any process of selection, the factors to consider should not be limited who is the best among the rest. Why? Because it is also a mixing and matching game especially in the aspect of hiring people for a company’s job vacancies. Indeed, astute human resource officials should include relevant evaluations such as checking how an applicant will fit to their company’s network or culture.

To date, most HR officers still using old style of selecting people like asking usual interview questions.  The thing is this is not only about style, but also committing the same-old hiring mistakes that actually can be changed now. Companies should look for superb test recruitment in the Philippines. Furthermore, having a strong consideration on “network fit” quality for their selection process is possibly their key to lessen or zero bad hire rate.  Apparently, there is about 20% of business leaders felt they did “bad” or “regretted” selection.

According to Corporate Executive Board (CEB) Global’s report, determining “who” and “how” candidates fit to their soon-to-be colleagues’ competencies, values, and work preferences are two major factors in “network fit.”

In their research that covered 6000 plus hiring managers, those who performed network fit garnered 30% produced quality hires compared to 12% of those hiring for culture fit.  To solidify their assessment methods for network fit, CEB suggested the following:

  • Specify your company’s standards and definition of “network fit.” Your criteria should be also pass to all HR officers and explained clearly.
  • Instead of hypothetical examples, create process wherein applicants can demonstrate their capabilities to do their possible real job responsibilities.
  • Involve managers in checking the effects of having a ‘network fit’ selection process.

CEB, one the best practice insight and technology companies, also added having a “broad culture fit” or lacking of clear standards is the cause of concerns in the long run so it’s better to focus on “network fit.”  In addition to this, a company can save huge amount when they lower new hire turn over.

Network fit and test recruitment are just two of the many HR woes that perhaps will remain problems. One answer to this is to partner with a reliable organization that is expert in managing HR needs.  In the Philippines, Assessment Analytics Inc., (AAI), the authorized distributor of SHL Talent Measurement solutions from CEB, is the reputable leading provider of assessment solutions.

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