All You Need to Know About Sales Force Automation

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Almost every industry is keen to adapt business and sales-friendly technology which helps them automates the business process. Sales Force Automation stands to automate the entire business process with the help of CRM. In fact, SFA is the feature inside the CRM or ERP platform which helps the sales team to track and manage sales activities.

So, let’s understand the SFA in details and find out what is SFA and how does it help sales team and business growth.  

Marketing Automation and SFA

SFA is actually the part marketing automation. In a simple sentence, it’s a kind of features that works enabled with CRM. When you integrate CRM system with your business process, you need some tools based on business field process. SFA will help increase productivity, sales, efficiency. There are so many benefits which you can find in the following paragraphs.

Help You Beat Challenges: No doubt, there are many challenges such as sales, gaining more leads, reports, history and so on, one has faced in business. Sales force automation solution from bpm’online can help you track every marketing activities with consistency. You may be well prepared to tackle those hurdles while sales force automation helps you eliminate those from the root level.

Increases Revenue: As the name suggests, SFA works to enhance all business processes and it starts with increasing revenue. There so many things involved in increasing sales. For example, when your sales reps are well informed, it will help them be punctual and earn more customers. At the same time, the SFA will manage everything right from customer history and interest that will reps to understand customers’ mindset and interest for particular products.

Managing Business Process and Earning More Qualifying Leads: It automates system so business reps don’t need to gather customer information from different sources. SFA is equally talented to gather leads and earn more profits. It accumulates leads from various campaigns and touches points while helping your sales team with the most important leads and who should be called immediately.

Improve Lead Management and Sales Forecasting: This incredibly amazing as SFA excellently manages you entire sales forecasting and earn more qualifying leads. Sales Force Automation gets integrated with CRM which works amazingly to bring proper sales forecasting and help sales representative to contact people immediately. More than that, SFA is smart enough to track all marketing activities including marketing campaign, prepare insight report and much more.

Forecasting Sales: Sales can be improved by encouraging SFE and maintaining the accuracy of it. Besides, the sales reps should always bring changes in the SFA system according to the marketing trend. More than that, the accurate SFA provide a better environment and keep the team informed about all the on-going and future happening.  
In short, SFA integrated with CRM meant to provide the right tool to earn more profits and automate an entire business process.