What You Need to Know about Acoustic Panels


EXECUTIVECHRONICLES.COMNobody really likes a noisy environment. Sadly, though, it is one of the many consequences of modern life. Many individuals go to noisy environments for one reason or the other. Some examples include factory workers, those who work in clubs and generally anyone who has to go out into the public space (which is practically everybody).

There are however times when you just want to have a quiet and serene space where you can retire to. This can be your home, office or any other space. Wherever it is you need to reduce the noise level and for whatever reason you need this, there’s a way to go about it.

What Are Acoustic Panels?

They are a special types of boards made with materials that can absorb sound reducing the intensity of the sound within a given environment also called absorption panels. It is one of the different aspects of sound proofing which is explained in great detail here.

It should be understood that absorption panels are for sound absorption while sound proofing is a totally different thing altogether. This is because, for sound proofing, there will definitely be the need for an acoustic expert and some other things you may not have had in mind.

Absorption panels are however normally used in noisy environments for any or all of the three purposes listed below:

  • For absorbing sound.
  • For limiting sound pollution.
  • They are also used for acoustic correction.


They are basically of three types namely

Art Acoustic Panels: This is basically for a stylish artful and yet a practical setup. 

Fabric Wrapped Panels: This, as it is called, comes in different fabric wrapped finishes with an enormous design potential.

Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels: This is for superior sound absorption, especially for places where musical instruments are to be used.

But no matter the type, the basic materials at its core are foam like materials or mineral wool that are able to absorb sound waves and control reverberations in enclosed places. For more details of these different types see https://ledgernote.com/columns/studio-recording/acoustic-treatment-guide-for-panels-and-foam/.

What Are the Benefits?

Beyond combating noise pollution, they are also useful for some other reasons which include:

  1. Improving the efficiency, quality or clarity of the sound in a particular environment e.g. your house, the church, or your workplace. This it does by deadening unwanted sounds within a particular environment because they are absorption panels.
  2.  They can also be used for aesthetic purposes, that is to beautify or to improve the appearance of your office, house, or your work place.  This is so because they are normally very well and artfully designed. In some case, you can choose or design the pattern you want thus making them perfect to serve such decorative purposes.
  3. They also help reduce stress levels because with clarity of speech there is less stress while speaking or listening to what another person has to say.
  4. Due to the aesthetic beauty it adds to a place coupled with the quiet and clarity of speech it brings to a place, it makes for a very welcoming environment that people, customers or clients will love coming to.
  5. It can also be a major factor in improving productivity. This is so especially in an office space where less noise can lead to increased concentration and greater productivity.
  6. It improves the quality of the musical sound in your studio thereby enabling better recording sessions. This also applies in music venues or places where stage performances are held.

Things to Note When About to Purchase One

  1. What Type Do You Need: this is largely dependent on the purpose and the environment you want to use it in 
  2. Where Do You Want It Installed: Is it your house, studio or work place?
  3.  How Is It to Be Installed: This can actually be done by anyone depending on the quality of job you want done. This may however be better left to the judgment of SoundProof Pros and specialists.


It can be seen that it is possible to create that serene environment that you wish for, away from the noise of the hustle and the bustle of the outside world. And depending on the purpose, you can even add some style and art to it thus making it a part of the artistic design of your space.

Now that you are better informed about this, the choice is in your hands.