Does Morning Sickness Prove That You Are Carrying a Healthy Baby?


Kathy Mitchell, Executive Chronicles |  Pregnancy is a wonderful period in any woman’s life, despite the annoying symptoms such as morning sickness, swollen feet, painful back and need to eat strange food combinations. As soon as you lay your eyes on your healthy baby, you forget all about these annoying symptoms. But during the pregnancy, it is not uncommon for women to question if everything is all right with their baby.

Are the things that they are feeling and experiencing can be categorized as normal signs of pregnancy, or perhaps they are there to alert you that something may not be okay with your baby. One of those signs is the morning sickness.

This is probably the worst pregnancy symptom, but perhaps this can be an actual sign that you are carrying a healthy and happy baby in your stomach. Let’s see what this is all about!

Is morning sickness a sign of a healthy baby?

Approximately two-thirds of women experience nausea and vomiting, also known by the term of morning sickness during their pregnancy. Now, this probably is not as much as a loved symptom of pregnancy as the bright and shining hair and skin and the growth of the baby bump are, but the researchers suggest that this is most probably a sign that you are actually carrying a healthy child.

There was a hypothesis published in the Quarterly Review of Biology in which the researchers were trying to link morning sickness with a lower risk of miscarriage and congenital malformations. There were posing the idea that morning sickness is actually a way that the woman’s body gets rid of any harmful toxins from her body that she probably intakes with different foods and alcohol such as meat, fruits, and vegetables that are filled with pesticides, chemicals and so on.

It was a way for the body to protect the embryo. And it made sense when you think about it – morning sickness is characteristic for the first three months, and this is when it is most important to take a good care of the body to prevent any risk of miscarriage from occurring. And this was only a hypothesis until a systematic review on this topic was published in August 2014 in the Reproductive Toxicology.

It is supposed that morning sickness occurs due to the hormonal changes or the instant rising of the hormones in this case, as any other pregnancy symptom occurs really. It is suggested that it is the human chorionic gonadotropin, released by the placenta, that is responsible for the occurrence of morning sickness.

The study confirmed the guessing that the risk of miscarriage is up to three times higher in women who did not experience morning sickness. It was also confirmed that morning sickness actually reduced the risk of birth defects. So perhaps the hypothesis that morning sickness is a protective mechanism that a woman’s body owns is true.

But whatever the reason is for which morning sickness occurs and exists, you should be thankful for it. The fact is that over 85% of pregnant women go through morning sickness. And it is unfortunate to know that some of these women experience a hard time going through morning sickness.

As any other symptom, all women have their own experience with morning sickness. And it is very unfortunate to know that there are women who even think about ending their pregnancy due to their difficult experience with morning sickness. So if you are a woman that is going through their first trimester and experience morning sickness, you should not be worried. Instead, you should be thankful for the occurrence of this symptom. Not all women are lucky enough to experience it, how much strange this may sound – you are actually in luck having to experience this symptom.

Perhaps it is a hard experience, but it may be the reason behind your baby staying healthy and happy during those nine months! And of course, you can consult your doctor about relieving this symptom as you can try the various natural coping tricks to make you go through morning sickness easier.


We are betting that you are enjoying having bright and shining skin, hair, nails as well as all the attention that one pregnant woman deserves. These and many other symptoms of pregnancy are the things that put a smile on your face during the pregnancy week by week. And do not get us even started on the first time that you get you feel your baby kicking in your stomach! Such a wonderful experience, this is. But everything is not so bright and shining, is it not? Morning sickness, swollen feet, unexplainable appetite, mood swings and painful back are just some of the dark sides of pregnancy. But all is worth it, is it not? Well, not all women seem to share the same thought.

There are even women who are ready to put an end to their pregnancy due to their difficult experience with morning sickness. But, we bet that these women will change their minds once they understand that they are actually lucky to get to experience morning sickness since this is a sign that you are carrying a healthy baby.

Morning sickness reduces the risk of birth defects. Is it not strange how something as difficult as morning sickness can be actually such a wonderful and welcoming thing? If you want to understand how this works, then we recommend reading the whole article!


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