Modern Day Aladdin


by Irene Tria, via

Just like in the animated musical fantasy film of Walt Disney, Aladdin, the lead character is a typical boy and most of the time called a street rat because of his life status. But not until one day, a genie appeared and granted him 3 wishes. On which at the end of the story gave him, wealth and his love, and the genie’s freedom from the lamp.

So what if one day, this scenario will happen to you? A genie will appear in front of you and tells you “I’m going to make your dream come true”, what will you do?

A. Scream? B. Laugh out Loud? C. Cry?

On this modern day, who would’ve imagine that there will be a true-to-life genie not in the bottle nor in the lamp but a total stranger who will offer to make your dream come true.

So imagine, Joon Tianzon, co-owner of the Qaldi Coffee Bar in Putatan, Muntinlupa. He was just a simple Information Technology graduate, who had a stint in graphic design abroad, finally met his very own genie-in-a-bottle/lamp.

One day, he met Mr. Nasser, this young middle-eastern businessman who can speak Filipino, (which he was really amazed) and asked him about his future plans. Then he quipped of having his very own coffee bar and cyber cafe back in Manila.

“When do you plan to do it?”

“Maybe 10 years from now, I still need to save up”.

“So, what if, I make your dream come true tonight?”

Joon didn’t think twice, he immediately accepted the challenge. He went home, prepared his powerpoint presentation and landed him to having his very own cyber cafe, the QALDI.

Mr Joon Tianzon Brain and Heart of Qaldi Coffee Bar and Cyber Cafe

His love for coffee and passion for redefining the concept of “cyber-cafe” into a more innovative version gave him the chance of his lifetime.


Joon also wanted to introduce Middle Eastern cuisine in the vicinity of Muntinlupa but that would require him hiring Pastry Chef from Middle East to achieve that authentic taste. While waiting for the right time, he decided to offer a different set of menu. An easy-to-prepare but something unique to satisfy the Muntinlupenio palate.
Foodfindsasia @ Qaldi

From a simple overseas worker, now, Joon is the brain and heart of the Best Gourmet Coffee Restaurant in Metro Manila.



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