What Millennials Want and Expect in a Workplace

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Mitzi Ilagan | ExecutiveChronicles.com

Whether we state it or not, it is very observable that millennials continue to take over the workplace in most companies. Apparently, this generation has a distinction compared with the previous, including Gen X and baby boomers. They may have similarities, but as time goes by, their needs, cultures and expectations also develop and change. Though some things aren’t easy to modify, adjust or just ignore, traditional standards that we’ve been used to do and follow may suddenly disappear.

Millennials today try to cope up with technology which levels up as time goes by. They tend to be more engaged with more things at one time, which may not give them a focus on what’s really important. That is why companies now try to understand how a millennial’s engagement could be more productive as they work every day. Here are some of the things, which in return, millennials want and expect from their workplace.

  1. Physical Environment

In most cases, when employees choose companies, they see to it that the environment provide them a comfortable working experience. Open and cozy work spaces, with clean restrooms and equipped pantries make them feel like working isn’t a tough job to do every day. State-of-the-art technology is also what they expect, given the era we live in today. Also, let us not forget a stable Wi-Fi connection because it is what everyone would surely need, right? By the way, you may want to search for Twitter and Facebook’s headquarters for you to be inspired to improve your workplace someday.

  1. Lifestyle and Convenience Perks

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting perks as you work for a living? Through the stress of experiencing heavy traffic on your way to your workplace to the stack of jobs given to you, even when you’re not a millennial, you’ll surely run out of motivation to work. Most millennials like the idea of work-play lifestyle, which means a balance of daily grind and recreation, without worrying about compensation deductions or managers eyeing on them. And as health-conscious employees, one may gladly signup for fitness memberships. When needed, a cellphone stipend and use of company gadgets and equipment for personal or freelance use would also be helpful, because millennials nowadays try to earn more as their needs and wants increase too. Free breakfast every day or even rice supply are much appreciated because most millennials tend to get up then get off, rather than wake up early to prepare their meals.

  1. Flexibility

Everybody needs a time on their own, right? Even when other generations see the millennials as lucky-go-happy kind of people, a time off of work is much needed as anyone else would. Millennials would like paid day off for special events such as birthdays and flexible working hours, with consensus to the management’s decision. And just like employees who try to squeeze some me-time after work, they would like their time be respected, with regards to follow-ups, texts and e-mails outside of working hours.

  1. Comprehensive Benefits Package

Though known as free-spirited individuals, healthcare benefits and retirement plans matter to millennials. We may think that millennials do not worry much about these things but they may consider it as add-ons for a better future, something that they won’t really bother applying for during their free time. Along with these, a fair and realistic compensation, of course, is what everyone else would want to have. Aside from professional growth, money will be one of the first things that they would consider when applying for a job.

  1. Education, Mentorship and Training Programs

One may beg to disagree to the stereotype given to millennials, that they are lazy, not focused enough and who just want high compensation for their chosen job. They too are people who would want continuous learning even when they are out in the world, working to earn for a living. They value trainings which interest them and are aligned to their skills and tasks, so as to increase their knowledge and expand their horizons for personal and professional growth. They also regard feedbacks and evaluations as guide for them to improve and succeed further, especially if they are honestly evaluated by workmates.

  1. Culture Perks

One of the things that millennials take note when choosing a workplace is the culture–whether they would fit it or not. They like flexible workplaces, which grinds when needed and is at play when nothing’s left to do. They also believe in freedom of speech in the office, where you could freely suggest and give opinions, unlike in other workplaces where only the ones in the higher positions are given the chance to speak up. And of course, as millennials, they would like their workmates who are a bit older be like their parents and relatives inside the office, who would guide (not merely meddle) them, may it be regarding office or personal matters,

These are only some of the things that millennials want and expect from a company that they are currently working on or where they are applying for. Well, in fact, even when one is not a millennial, they also expect these kinds of things in a company. Corporations and businesses should remember that not everything that they expect, want or need are to be bought by money alone because unknown to them, there are things that they could provide without losing a single peso. If everyone’s needs and realistic wants would be provided, then productivity and growth would continue, whether you are a millennial or not.

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