Meticulous Management – 5 Hacks for Managing a Growing Workforce

Managing a Growing Workforce

ExecutiveChronicles | Meticulous Management – 5 Hacks for Managing a Growing Workforce | A growing workforce is an exciting thing to see in any place of business. It means your company is doing well enough to require extra hands, and that’s pretty exciting. What it also means, however, is that your old ways of staff management may no longer apply. A large team calls for new techniques that appeal to your bottom line, production processes, and worker happiness. The most effective solution is to invest in a remote workforce management software, which will help improve your employees’ organization, compliance, productivity, and overall efficacy. Here are a few of the many tips you can apply to a growing workforce:

Manage Time Accurately 

When you have a small team, there often isn’t a need for time clocks. You know everyone’s established working hours and when you expect them to appear. As your workforce grows, it can become harder to know who’s working what hours. It’s then even more challenging to ensure that everyone is working the appropriate hours.

That’s why employee time clocks can be a lifesaver in a large enterprise. With biometrics or an employee code, you can manage work hours accurately and pay your staff correctly for the hours they work as well.

Put Employee Happiness First  

It can be easy to get caught up in everyday business and politics with a large workforce. There’s only one of you, but dozens or even hundreds of workers. You then have to worry about finances, day-to-day operations, and more. Before you worry about any of those things, put employee happiness first. If your workers are happy, they are more productive and less likely to look elsewhere for employment. Companies with happy employees also make three times the revenue growth.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open 

In a small business, everyone can chat freely amongst each other to solve problems and voice their concerns. Once you hire more staff and install a chain of command, those communication lines can become severed. You then face a whole new problem: trying to make sure everyone is happy when no one is communicating.

If you want to manage your workforce, you need to ensure workers feel they can talk with someone who can enforce change. Otherwise, you end up with a disengaged workforce.

Waste of Space 

In periods of high growth, you may find your headcount swelling rapidly, putting pressure on your physical office space. At this time, buoyed by growth, it can be tempting to splash out on a fancy new office with much more space. However, it’s important to keep in mind that many businesses experience numerous ups and downs before hitting a longer-term equilibrium. Should you meet with a dip in the road, you may find yourself shelling out huge sums for office space that you don’t need, resulting in a huge drain on your resources. You can manage this risk by opting for a serviced office, rather than a long-term lease or purchase. A serviced office solution will allow you the flexibility to rapidly scale your space requirements in either direction, eliminating waste and ensuring that your cash reserves are conserved in tighter times.

Invest in Technology 

Technology can be a gamechanger in big business. You can achieve more in a shorter timeframe and also cut costs and improve productivity. With the right technology, you can also improve staff happiness.

Offer the best computer software, remote access if you can, and smart tech that can help improve production processes. Technology can put you on the fast track to success without impacting your profit margin in the long term.

Invest in technology, keep morale high, and install systems that track working hours more accurately and manage your office space effectively. You’ll have your growing workplace running like a well-oiled machine in no time.