Master Mechanic: How Much Do Mechanical Contractors Make?

Master Mechanic: How Much Do Mechanical Contractors Make?

ExecutiveChronicles | Master Mechanic: How Much Do Mechanical Contractors Make? | Did you know that 39% of people are actively considering changing careers to make a higher salary? And if you’re reading this article, you’re probably thinking about becoming a mechanical contractor but you’re stuck trying to find how much mechanical contractors make.

So if you want to get this important question answered, keep reading our informative guide on mechanical contractor salaries. After all, making a career change is very important and you should know about every detail!

What Is a Mechanical Contractor?

The duties of a mechanical contractor entail many different roles. For example, they are in charge of the installation process, arranging the mechanical parts, and figuring out any issues.

Mechanical contractors can work for pharmaceutical companies, NASA, automotive industries, and more. In fact, most industries need a mechanical contractor of some sort. And as technological advances enhance these industries, the need for mechanical contractors will rise.

Mechanical Contractor Salary

A mechanical contractor’s salary can range from $40,000 to $124,000. Your salary will depend on a few factors. For example, your location, experience, and company.

However, on average, most mechanical contractor jobs pay around $73,000 a year. This salary equals out $35.02 an hour.

The Best Cities to Be a Mechanical Contractor

The national average of a mechanical contractor job can vary by city. Luckily, we’ve found the best cities with the highest mechanical contractor salaries!

For starters, we have Lakes, Alaska with a yearly salary of $84,738. Next, we have San Francisco, CA with a starting salary of $84,393. And lastly, Santa Clara, CA with the salary starting at $83,417.

These three cities have a high demand for Mechanical contractors and the starting pay definitely shows that. There are also other cities that are eager to pay their employees a fair salary.

However, the job market may be more competitive in other areas! Therefore, it’s always best to research your specific town to see what kind of job opportunities and salaries are available.

For example, Design Mechanical, Inc, which is located in Kansas City has great opportunities for potential workers and their customers.

Do Mechanical Contractors Get Benefits?

Depending on the company your work for, it’s very likely that you will receive benefits. In fact, most companies provide health insurance, PTO, and more!

However, be aware that the number of hours you work, will dictate your benefits. So if you’re full-time, then you’re more likely to receive benefits than if you’re part-time. Nevertheless, some companies still offer some benefits even if you work less than 30 hours a week!

Job Security and More

A mechanical contractor can expect to work all year round. Therefore, this career does have a high-security rate. In addition, you can also expect to be busy during your regular work hours, especially if you live in a major city!

Furthermore, being a mechanical contractor means you can work for anyone, including yourself! So whenever you feel ready to take on more responsibility, you can start thinking about opening up your own business.

Become a Mechanical Contractor Today

Mechanical contractors are rising in power as more and more industries are needing their services. And if you want to hop on this amazing opportunity, then start looking at mechanical contracting companies.

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ExecutiveChronicles | Master Mechanic: How Much Do Mechanical Contractors Make?