Massimo Trulli Fashion, Food & Wine


by Nadj Villaver |

Cozy ambiance, sumptuous Italian food and wine while shopping. Possible or impossible? Definitely, possible! Opened in February 2015, Massimo Trulli Fashion, Food & Wine is a concept store which combines fashion boutique, furniture shop, wine bar, deli & restaurant all in one place. The store introduces to the Philippines a first of a kind concept of a multifunctional facility where two of the world’s most amorous artistic medium, fashion and food, interact in a seriously cool site with the lure of the Italian wine world. In fact, there are only a few stores in Europe that offers the same concept to its customers.

A person takes an average of 10 minutes and eight seconds to decide whether to buy an item or not, a study has revealed. But the usual retail set-up inside the shopping malls or boutiques does not allow ample time to look over the products. In a store located in LRI Design Plaza, customers can shop at one’s leisure.

One-of-a-kind shopping

The minute you walk past the newest store in LRI Design Plaza, straightly gives you an Italian charm and style. On the left side of the store is a dedicated area for the boutique where the leather bags & accessories by Massimo Trulli. Displayed in vertically opened racks, customers can freely touch the items even without protective gloves. The cozy ambiance is accentuated with a number of tables and chairs, giving customers a first-hand experience of the Artistic Timeless furniture signed by Massimo Trulli. Should the guests like one of the furniture inside the store, they can place an order and new items will be shipped all the way from Italy.

Apart from experiencing the brand’s exquisitely designed chairs in wood and leather, patrons are also treated to a menu that offers a unique line-up of gastronomic of Mediterranean Food and authentic Italian wine.

Massimo Trulli: Quality, Hand-made, Italian masterpiece

MASSIMO TRULLI® is a young brand that was born as a natural evolution of a thirty-year artistic activity combined with a great passion for fashion that derives from its designer, creator and artist Massimo Trulli, recognized worldwide for his extraordinary creativity and originality that reflects on his collections produced in high-quality leather, handmade by experts with refined, sophisticated images.

Only a few stores around the globe, even in Italy, offer this brand in their shops. In the Philippines, this quality, hand-made, Italian leather accessories and furniture signed by Italian designer Massimo Trulli can be found exclusively in the concept store. All items are sold at a lower price compared to ordering online.

The furniture showroom boasts the MASSIMO TRULLI HOME® offers original and classy furniture – chairs, armchairs, sofas, benches, stools, tables, lamps — that are made of valuable wood and revisited in an excellent printed leather of great visual and emotional impact.

Sumptuous Food and Authentic Italian Wine

MASSIMO TRULLI® gourmet restaurant, a unique place where guests will be treated to the modern comfort of Massimo Trulli’s home pieces when they dine at the restaurant. Gourmet products like regional Italian cheeses and prosciutto are also available at the Deli.

For the wine lovers and those who want to start correctly their wine journey, Italian fine wines are served at the Wine Bar starting from ₱200 a glass. The Wine Cellar holds Italian high-end wines from ₱6,800 to ₱80,000 per bottle.

With this newfangled store, customers can have the luxury of time to appreciate the products and afterwards, decide which to buy according to their own personality while enjoying fine Old World wines and selected Gourmet food.