Managers: Here’s how not to Make Your Employees Sick


By: Ana Margarita Olar |

According to American Psychology Association, 75% of Americans said that bosses are the major cause of their stress.

Despite unhappiness and job dissatisfaction, 59% of employees won’t leave the job and choose to just get used to it.

But, do people really get “used to” stress at work? Unknown to these employees, work related stress is one of the biggest culprits for acquiring heart diseases and even diabetes.

As the leader, the manager, or the supervisor, you have a big responsibility not only on your employees’ growth but for their health as well.

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Know your employee

No, not only by name; take the time to know your employee beyond name and profession.

As the boss, you need to find time to talk to your employees. You have to be aware what makes your employees happy. What motivates them and make them feel satisfied?

People are unique. Sometimes, giving a monetary bonus might not be the only way to compensate your staff. Some people just like a tap on the back or a simple recognition.

Others just need a handshake to feel that they are contributing to the company’s growth.

Another thing to note is the things that your staff doesn’t like. We cannot please people, but at least, you have to be aware what these people working with you dislike.

What are their expectation, strengths, and weaknesses as well? Bosses, you need to know your staff.

Care for their Health

Giving a free annual checkup is a great activity that you can give to your staff. Not all people do give time to get this one.

In addition, try to encourage them to move physically especially if your office is a cubicle type. An early morning stretch is an amazing way to start the long working day.

Providing drinking water instead of coffee is a healthy alternative too.

If your company does have a canteen, talk to the canteen supervisor to prepare healthy dishes for the staff.

You need a team to reach higher goals. The healthy and happy staff is the key to achieving it.