How to Make Sure Your Next Degree Will Boost Your Career


Executive Chronicles | Pursuing a higher degree is one of the best ways to boost your career. You can qualify for that promotion you have always wanted or pursue a different career entirely with a new degree added to your CV. Unfortunately, pursuing a degree alone is not enough to get your career going. Here are some of the things you need to know to make sure your next degree boosts your career to a new height.

Let the Company Know from the Start

A lot of full time workers are now taking online courses from universities like Portland State University. Top names are opening up more majors and programs to online students, which means you can pursue anything from an MBA to a criminal justice degree without leaving your job.

A good way to make sure that your attempt to get a degree gets appreciated is by notifying the company right from the start. Talk to HR about enrolling on an online course from a reputable university and you might even get promoted.  They should at least offer to help with flexible work hours.

Don’t forget to update your CV – and your LinkedIn page – as soon as you start too. Enrolling in an online course means you’re taking active steps to improve yourself; this is something a lot of companies will appreciate.

Learn More Skills Along the Way

There are additional skills you can pick up when you go back to school and pursue a higher degree. When taking an online degree in criminology, for example, you can also improve your leadership, critical thinking and decision making skills. You can also learn to see every situation based on data and solve problems more effectively.

Other courses may offer business-related skills that work well with the career you are building, even when the degree itself is not directly related to your line of work. Pursuing an MBA when you’re working in healthcare can help you gain management skills that will help you get a managerial position in the industry.

Invest Time and Energy

The degree you are pursuing is the end goal. To get there, you need to invest time and energy. Assign enough time every day for studying. Complete course assignments and make sure you bank good scores in your exams. You want to graduate with a merit in order to truly shine and boost your career.

In certain cases, you can even get the support of your company as you study for the degree. Some companies now encourage employees to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree while working. They will even provide financial aid and other forms of support, including paid leave days for when you need to be in class or complete exams.

Keep these tips in mind and you will find pursuing a higher degree to be very beneficial. Your attempt to get the degree of your dreams will be easier to do, and you may even move up the corporate ladder sooner than you think.