Make Money from Christmas Lantern: How You can Start

By: Ana Margarita Olar |

Christmas lantern, also known as parol is the symbol of Christmas Filipino spirit. It signifies the star which led the wise men to the manger where Jesus Christ was born. It varies in color, sizes, and designs.

Christmas time is near, and it is a great time to start a business. If you have skills in arts and crafts, you can start your own business by learning how to make a parol or Christmas lantern.


An original Filipino parol is made up of bamboo sticks and some colored papers. Here is how to make Christmas lanterns that you can sell:


2 pcs. 32-inch bamboo strips


5 pcs 3-inch wire strips

10 pcs 7-inch wire strips







Colored paper 24 inches by 24 inches. You can also use Japanese papers or metallic wrappers.


Step 1: Use thread to tie the ends of each bamboo strip together, to form two circles.

Step 2: Use the two circles and 5 pcs. of the 7-inch wire strips to make a frame by twisting the ends of each wire strip around the bamboo circles.

Step 3: Fold the colored paper in half. Draw the shape of the 5 pointed star and cut it out. You now have two stars.

Step 4: Glue one star to each side of the circular frame. Attach the other 5 pcs 7-inch wires to five points where the angles of the star touch the wire frame.

Step 5: Put the 5 pcs 3-inch wires to the tips of the star to make the star bulge.

Step 6: Tie a thread to one of these wires. Glue on pieces of paper to cover the frame. You can add a tinsel to two bottom points of the star.

Next, you have to market your finished products. You can try making 3 to 5 parols. Try to sell it to your friends, relatives and officemates. Ask for their comments or suggestions. Then you can market your Christmas lanterns on bazaars, stalls, malls, or even online.

Follow these simple steps and earn extra income while you enjoy doing your craft. You can invite your family with this business. You can also try to make Christmas lanterns and Christmas decors from recycled materials.

Remember, Christmas time is a festive season. It’s a time to be merry. But it can also be the time to earn some money by using your skills and creativity.