Major Challenges Women Face in Running a Small Business

Women-Executive Chronicles

ExecutiveChronicles|The fact of the matter is leaders in the business world face a lot of challenges on the daily basis, and gender doesn’t play a major role in that. However, it is no secret that a lot of women are still struggling with what is known as the ’glass ceiling’ as well as some other obstacles that can, in fact, hinder their deserved success. It is important that we raise awareness and openly talk about these challenges so that women around the world won’t feel alone and get inspired to not only tackle these major issues but also win. 

Raising a family while being a business leader

The sad thing is that a lot of women these days feel like they have no choice. And that by choosing a family they are sacrificing their career. It is true, the business world is cut-throat and stepping away even for a few months can, at times be very harmful for your career. But you shouldn’t give up just because it is hard to come back. If having a family is something you have dreamed about, it all comes down to some good organization. Make sure you prepare everything before going on a maternity leave, and just check in from time to time so that your colleagues feel like you want to stay current. Next on the list is organizing everything when the baby comes, from who is going to watch the baby to school prep. A lot of businesswomen in Asia know the benefits of getting your child in the right playgroup in Hong Kong and other cities so as to ensure proper development. As you can see, organization is key, and you can do it both.

The other common challenge is staying motivated

This can, at times, get really hard, especially if you feel like you are constantly hitting a wall. We all need to go forward if we want to be successful, this means that stagnating can be quite demotivating. So, for a woman who wants to succeed in running a business it is important that she finds a constant source of motivation. It can be things outside of work or taking on some additional projects. By being tenacious she will be able to push through any obstacle as long as she doesn’t give up. Make sure you take a step back and find out what motivates you to succeed and make sure you tap into that anytime you feel a bit down and under the weather. 

Conquering personal insecurities

Well, in all honesty, this is true for both men and women, especially in business. But due to the general climate in the corporate hierarchy, more often than not, women are the ones who are made to feel inadequate or like they don’t belong. So personal insecurities come out in those situations, and you start doubting yourself which can, in fact, seriously affect your performance at work. So, what to do, take a step breath and go over everything and anything you have achieved so far, and show yourself that you are right where you belong, on your way to the top of the corporate ladder. It is not always going to be easy, so make sure you have a great support system to cheer you on when things get a bit difficult.

These are just some of the challenges women face in business, sadly there are many more to be added to this list still. From fighting for equal pay to doing their best to overcome the gender discrimination. It can sometimes feel that you need to fight extra hard if you want to achieve the same results as your peers. But in the end, women are still paving the way for the new generation of females who are going to be even more successful in the business world.