Why am I Losing Followers on Instagram?

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ExecutiveChronicles.com | Creating A Strong Presence on Instagram is not an easy feat to achieve. You have to spend days and nights to start erecting the building of Instagram marketing. Suppose you manage to get thousands of followers on Instagram, and suddenly, you observe that you are losing followers at a rapid pace! It would be a nightmare for your considering that your hard work and resources are being wasted in front of your eyes. It would also be excruciating to see your followers saying goodbye to you. It’s a good thing there are Instagram growth services out there that can help.

You are posting quality stuff at an appropriate time, you are using hashtags, you are visualizing everything, but still, your followers are dropping out! It might be possible that you are having fake followers that result in losing the worth of your brand or account. The feelings you have are only of agitation, frustration, anxiety, and sorrow, and yet, you don’t know what to do to get back your lost followers! If you are among one of the people who have suffered from this dilemma, then you have come to the right place. Also, try to get some free Instagram followers if you are losing them. In this piece, I will try to tell the shortcomings that you might be overlooking and what should be done to get your followers back. Here it goes.

1. You are Over Posting

You certainly need to look at the schedule and frequency of your posting to ascertain the real reason behind the drop in the followers.  If you are posting again and gain on the same topic, then be prepared for losing worthy followers. You should be looking for the quality rather than quantity. The optimal frequency of the posts is three times a day. Believe me; your follower will be bored if they see the different shades of the same image again and again.

2. Your Content is not Relevant

You have gained the followers because your content is eye-catchy and relevant. People only followed you in the first place because you had impressed them with your idea and content. But suddenly, you have uploaded a picture of a dog sitting on the chair, or something like that. You have shared something that is entirely out of the box and has no connection with your business. Undoubtedly, you are going to lose the people who only followed you because of the uniqueness and relevancy of your content. If you want to keep your followers intact, then never post anything that is neither associated nor linked to your business.

3. You do not have a Marvelous First Expression

The first impression is everything. Whether you are giving an interview, doing a speech, meeting someone or you are negotiating an agreement, if you have successfully impressed the other person in the first expression, then he will not leave you. Same is the case with Instagram. Whenever someone visits your account, the first thing he notices is your bio and feed. Why would someone follow you if you have incomplete details in your bio and your profile picture is boring? No one would even see your profile again if you have used ambiguous and dull terminologies in your bio.

4. You are Using Unethical ways to Promote your Brand

Another vital thing to consider is the utilization of black hat and shady techniques to gain followers. Some people buy bots that are used to like and comment on the posts. Similarly, some platforms also provide disengaged followers who become inactive after some time. Instagram deals strictly with people who use black hat methods to getInstagram followers. If you are among one of them, then you should immediately stop utilizing these services that will only damage your reputation.

5. You are not Using Compelling Captions

Captions play an instrumental role in enticing followers to like your images and videos. Create captions that could generate leads and potential followers. You can use a motivational quote, an inspiring hashtag, or an encouraging phrase to stand out. One of the main reasons why people lose followers is the usage of the same captions again and again. Be unique in your style every time you post something.


Each one of the aspects that I have mentioned must be hindering the growth of your Instagram account. Next time, if you feel thatyou are losing followers, consider implementing my suggestions to get back on your feet.

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