LOOK: Effectiveness of various assessment methods

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When it comes to hiring new employees there are a wide range of assessment methods that can be used. Some businesses focus on simulation exercises while others rely strictly on competency-based behavioral interviews. Methods such as interviews and surveys can really help employers understand leadership qualities in new hires, but may not really help them understand how a new hire may be a good cultural fit. A personality assessment can help employers better understand how new hires would work in teams, but may not really help when it comes to trying to figure out their functional skills.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to assess new hires, but focusing on one method may not really give an employer a true sense of a new hires capabilities. In reality, using a few different types of assessment methods is the best way to really find out the true capabilities of a potential new hire. Some people may not be great when it comes to sitting down for an assessment interview but when it comes to business simulations they excel. Using a combination of methods will make it possible for an employer to really learn the most about a potential hire and help them figure out who would be the best fit for a position.

To learn more about different assessment methods and their effectiveness check out this infographic below:


This infographic was created by Axiom Consulting Partners.