What Is It Like to Teach Kids Using Climate Change Children’ Books

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A set of climate change children’s books is certainly a breath of fresh air beyond classic books with topics such as animals, fairytales, imaginary characters, good manners, and Biblical lessons. Though these kinds of books give children different perspectives and teachings in life as they grow, it is also important to educate them about nature as early as possible. Climate change children’s books aren’t much available to many kids, but augmented reality children’s books such as Pacha’s Pajamas, it is now easy to educate them on what they should do to help preserve the environment even at an early age.

Although some kids would tend to speak out and say that nothing’s wrong with nature, this is because it is what he/she sees and understands. Thanks to climate change children’s books, kids can now be taught the easier way when one couldn’t find the right words to explain climate change. One benefit, and one of the most important things in teaching kids using climate change children’s books is awareness. As a naturally occurring process, climate change affects everyone in the world in both significant and minimal impacts.

This issue isn’t just for adults because children can understand this when taught the most appropriate way. Of course, you wouldn’t have to address this issue to kids using complex terms because videos, photos, and storybooks can be used. Kids can easily think of steps to help save the world as they do it in their own little ways. Let them know that when they choose to ride cars instead of walking, they would contribute to the pollution and spend more money on fuel. Let them know that when they throw away plastic wrappers around, turtles and fishes may die as most plastics end up eaten by these sea creatures.

Children have the right to know what is happening around them, and the best way to make them learn is through stories with fictional characters. Climate change children’s books such as Pacha’s Pajamas makes use of a story starring Pacha, a little girl whose pajamas take her to imaginary worlds with musical plants and dancing animals. Her adventures from those dreams make her discover that there is a need to save the planet and that with self-confidence and oneness with nature, Pacha and all the kids in the world can save this planet from destruction.

climate change children's booksPacha’s Pajamas also makes reading and learning more fun and interesting as it uses augmented reality. Augmented reality (AR) is a kind of technology which superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. Using the Pacha Alive app, you’d have to hover the phone or gadget over the images on the Pacha’s Pajamas book, and then the images would become animated as it moves on the screen. Its songs and narrations are made possible by the celebrity cast including Yasiin “Mos Def” Bey, Cheech Marin, Talib Kweli, Genevieve Goings, Lester Chambers, and many more. Not only will this book make reading more entertaining, but it will also make the kids engaged as they realize that they are still using gadgets even in reading.


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