What It’s Like To Be A Chef Laudico


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You’ve heard of him. Or maybe, her. Whoever you’re referring to, the name Chef Lau or Chef Laudico has been known in the industry, especially as celebrity chef/s. They are known for a couple of restaurants such as Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico (San Juan),  OK Café (Renaissance), Patisserie Filipino by Chef Jac Laudico (SM Megamall), and Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico (BGC). This month, they have opened another buffet restaurant up in the north named as Chef Laudico’s Feast (SM Clark, Pampanga). Ever wondered how one becomes a Chef Laudico?

As a long-haired dude, one would not really hesitate thinking about this guy being a rockstar. Chef Rolando Laudico, as he admits, really is a rockstar. In fact, his latest performance was last October’s Tigtigan Festival in Pampanga with 6cyclemind. Chef Jackie, on the other hand, is a wife, mother of two, chocolatier, restaurateur, caterer and a workaholic superhero, as she says on her Twitter bio. The couple works hard, but in some ways, they still manage to get things done for their personal life and leisure.

Photo from facebook.com/Cheflaudicofeast

Secret Recipe No.1: Be with the right people

Just like any other chain of restaurants, every owner gets to a point where things get all in a rush or in topsy-turvy. That is why, they take in partners to help in the operations, accounting, HR, and all of the operations of their restos. One thing that matters most to them is this criteria: you should be able to take care of the headaches. That doesn’t sound too much, because when you love your job, you wouldn’t really notice how hard it is to run a business, simply because it’s just like pursuing your hobby or passion. It’s getting the right partners and hiring the right people.

Secret Recipe No. 2: Passion for food

What makes people go back for more at Chef Laudico’s restos are probably just because everything’s all too homey and sumptuous at the same time. Their latest offering, Chef Laudico’s Feast, serves Filipino dishes which you are all familiar of. What’s more to this is that the interiors make you feel like you’re in a fiesta with the banderitas-like ceiling. Another secret here is that they do not use artificial flavorings, MSG and the like. Even their Kare-Kare does not make use of peanut butter but ground peanuts that they did themselves. The couple stands strong with their restos, as the love of cooking and serving people fuels it up. As Chef Lau says,

The food and restaurant industry, it’s a cycle. Sometime you’re doing well, sometimes you’re not. What keeps the cycle going is your love for food. If that gets lost, then, wala na.

Chef Laudico's Feast
Chef Laudico’s Feast, SM Clark
Chef Laudico’s Feast interiors





Secret Recipe No. 3: Constructive criticism

Negative criticisms never get in the way of the chef’s lives. Today’s trolls have been taking over a lot of things and have been ruining other people’s names, but the chefs don’t give a second to mind them. After all, constructive criticism are just what matters to them. Those kinds of criticisms make them aware of what their customers want, what they could improve on, and what they need to know about their cuisines.

Secret Recipe No. 4: Love

This one’s the best-kept secret. From the years of experience as couple chefs, it is love that keeps them and their businesses together. They’re together for 24/7, that’s why misunderstandings aren’t really something that they could avoid. But at the end of the day, as Chef Lau says, “walang personalan”, they still love each other. I believe, that is the real secret of being a Chef Laudico.

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