Lifestyle change or increase your salary?

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

The day-to-day sales in a store is not a guarantee that it’s a lucrative business. The store owner will only realize if he earns a profit if he deducts his expenses from his sale. It’s same with an employee’s salary, it doesn’t matter if he earns a lot if he also maintain costly lifestyle. Which do you think is good for wealth creation high salary or lifestyle change?

Keeping up with celebrities’ fabulous fashion is luxurious even for top executives. Why? Maintaining their overall looks are mostly not vanity for TV and movie personalities, it’s their investments for their careers. It helps them to keep up with competition and clamor of their audience.  If a female TV host has a daily talk show and she can’t wear same clothes over and over again.  To cut her clothing allowance, it’s her discretion how she’ll look good and different every time she appears in front of the camera. Perhaps, she can find sponsors, buy inexpensive clothes or find other ways.

Meantime, wearing non-branded and inexpensive business outfits daily is not a problem for executives and entrepreneurs.  What’s important is their formal and presentable look. On the other side, if their service vehicle can help them to conveniently attend their business appointments. Then, buying vehicles would not consider as mere liabilities.

With the examples above, notice that it’s the career lifestyles that dictate what are the investment and expenses. Each field has dissimilar demands that need specific supplies.  Thus, it’s impractical to spend your money to follow somebody else’s living standards.

Credit: Pixabay

Another point in desiring to just get high salary alone is the requirements involve.  High salary is usually means more tasks and pressures. It’s not only the time you will offer, but also your health and wellness. Some individuals may even spend more money for their medicines than their food.   Thus, if cost-cutting or buying cheaper products is not the ideal solution, then it’s knowing what your limit is.  What is enough for you? Sometimes, you find joys in simple things that means a lot and cost less.