Life of an Entrepreneur — never sweet but worth it

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by Ralph Layco | |

Some people will never understand the acts of ‘desperation’ of an entrepreneur.

The Hairfood Co. store
The Hairfood Co. store

How one’s willing to go far even abroad, getting lost in foreign street signs at midnight to look for a solution to save the business while sleeping at the cheapest accommodation. How one’s willing to look weird or stupid just to demonstrate his idea across. How one’s willing to execute some of the most out-of-this-world strategies to make a sale. How he’s willing to take in negative feedbacks while tending his dear heart to allow such pain and negativity because that’s part of it as what most successful people he read about say. How he’s willing to take in weeks or months of meager sales that don’t quantify as profitable in common sense. How one’s willing to swallow the bitter taste of failure, and be still able to rise with the tenacity to try all over again with a broken heart and a reduced sense of pride. How after long episodes of rise and fall, he still pushes, forges a way, with some sort of hope or false confidence, even there’s no guarantee in the end.

There never was a guarantee.

But through it all, somehow he knows in his heart and in his gut that given enough faith and time, it will all make sense. That he can build something wonderful and game-changing at the top of the mounting qualms, disappointments, disgust or even personal doubt he cast upon himself.

Oh, the life of an entrepreneur. Never sweet along the way, but always worth it in the end.

It’s really the journey. It’s taking an ultimate test of the human spirit.

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Ralph Layco is maverick entrepreneur, speaker and columnist for He mentors young startuppers and lives in General Santos City in the Philippines. He is the Founder and CEO of hair care brands Macho Mucho and Hairfood Co.