Learn About HR’s Technological Evolution at the 10th Philippine HR Summit

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Mitzi Ilagan, Executive Chronicles | The 10th Philippine HR Summit gathers top HR professionals, company executives and officers, recruiters, and business owners as they all engage in the discussion on “The Changing Landscape of HR.” In connection to this, a panel discussion regarding HR’s technological evolution would be held, to be led by PageUp People Pte Ltd Vice President (Asia), Sarah Forbes.

Some people may not see its relevance, but the HR’s role has become an essential part in the development of an organization in this fast-paced world. We often associate the HR with payroll management, administrative processes, and hiring procedures. What we should know is that the recruitment process alone could affect the organization as they are the ones to identify the best talents for hiring. The HR’s roles truly are important in the innovation and development of an organization.

As more technologies and tools are being invented today, how would the HR adapt to these? Would their traditional methods still be significant? Know more about this issue as Ms. Sarah Forbes lead the talk together with the following panel speakers:

Ms. Michelle Cordero-Garcia

Ms. Michelle Cordero-Garcia is the Director of Human Resources for SGS Gulf Limited. She has 25 years of experience in HR, and has developed competence in the areas of Talent Management; Organizational, Leadership Development; Culture & Change Management; Career & Succession Planning; Labor Relations, and HRIS & Analytics.

Ms. Sarah McLeod

Ms. Sarah McLeod is the Executive Vice President of Q2 HR Solutions, Inc.. She works in an HR solutions company, and has 24 years of experience in sales and client management in Europe and Asia.

Mr. Genick Generoso

Mr. Genick Generoso, Head of Global Human Resources for Champion Services, is a practicing human resource professional. He has over 25 years of combined hands-on practice in the field of Human Resources, Organization Development, Customer Service and People Management.

The 10th Philippine HR Summit is happening on August 3-4 at Crowne Plaza Galleria.

For more information, visit http://bit.ly/PowermaxHR10