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Have you ever found yourself wondering what is the best gift to get your significant other? Some might think flowers or chocolates would be appropriate, but these do not last that long. Why not get her something that could last a lot longer such as an elegant timepiece? Watches are investments and are meant to last for a long time, so it is even more important to make sure you get the right one. Tempus Boutique offers simple, elegant timepieces from the finest Swiss-Euro brands that would make for great gifts. This article looks to help you decide on which women’s watch would be the right one for her.

  • This is personal
Frederique Constant Slimline Joaillerie
Frederique Constant Slimline Joaillerie

Though this is not something that you are going to wear, this is possibly something that she will wear often, so try to bring a part of you into the women’s watch you are going to give her. Of course, still take into account her preferences and what she likes, but this is something that will remind her of you whenever she takes a look at it. Try to represent your own taste.

  • Look at what she already has

If you are not sure about what style of women’s watch she might prefer, take a look at her jewelry and accessory collection. If she does not already own a watch, the next best thing you can use as a reference is the jewelry she owns. If she only owns gold accessories, she would most likely prefer a gold watch over a silver one. If she only wears simple jewelry and nothing over the top, she would most likely prefer a simple, elegant watch. Though it may not be a sure thing, at least you will be pointed in the right direction and you have a basis for the decision you are making. 

Frederique Constant Heart Beat
Frederique Constant Heart Beat

You can also use her wardrobe as a basis. You already know what she prefers to wear on a daily basis, so try and look for a women’s watch that goes well with her sense of style. Use her preferences in fashion and style to determine which type of watch she might prefer. A watch is an accessory, so try to accentuate what you know she likes to wear and imagine how the watch would look like with her outfits. 

  • Size matters

Though there is currently a trend where women like wearing larger watches, if you are unsure of the specific size preference of your significant other, play it safe. A women’s watch typically has an average case measurement of about 28 to 33 millimeters. Though it often depends on the style of watch, this is a safe place to start.

Also, do not forget about the watch strap size. Try to get an idea of how big her wrist is, but if you really have no clue, remember that the standard length of a strap is about is about 19.5 to 21 cm, including the watch case. 

  • Play it safe

If you really have no basis and are taking a shot in the dark, play it safe. Keep it simple. Do not think of simple as being plain or basic. Simple here means being minimalist and elegant. Avoid any unnecessary risks by getting something over the top or unusual. Avoid over-complicated designs and colors unless you are sure that is something she prefers.

Watches can make great gifts because of the possible meanings behind them. It could be seen as a declaration that you are committing your time to the other person. It can represent being together every second of every day. It is a reminder on the wrist that you are there for them. No matter what it means to you, picking the right timepiece should be something that you should take your time with to get right. 


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