The Language of Leadership : Choosing Your Words Wisely


Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

Almost everyone will agree that the best type of leadership is leading by example, but one common mistake of leaders is that they don’t think too much about the way their team members interpret the words that they say. The truth about this is that, every word that leaders say has a real impact on the organization’s morale and productivity.

Words are important, however, we’ll all agree that our choice of words are more important than saying whatever it is that comes to our mind. It pays to say the right words all the time. Good choice of words communicate our intentions. Without them, we are unable to share the vision that we have for our organization.

This will always be true when you are giving performance feedback.

Conversations about employee performance can change the way an employee works in the future. Saying something wrong might be catastrophic to the company. Saying something good about the employee can boost his morale and performance.

Based on my experience, giving your employees the chance to self evaluate will make them feel that their thoughts are valued. Focusing more on what areas that your employees excel in and giving sound advices on what they can improve on their career goals.

As employers, we have to understand that each employee will respond best to different types of motivational actions. A pat on the back, or saying how well a person has done his job well ensure that you connect to your employees the right way. When saying words that motivate employees, the employer has to be emotionally authentic, as authenticity will inspire the employee to take action.

Let everyone know that their purpose or role in the company is important no matter how small the role may be.

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