Kuripot! Does frugality is a good or bad sign about you?

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MJ Gonzales │Executive Chronicles.com

Generosity is a virtue that sometimes people connect it with only giving valuable material things.  It’s also the possible reason why even a person displays kindness in helping in non-monetary ways, but frugal in nature, he or she looks like not generous for many.  Does frugality makes you less attractive person and greedy?

Frugality is synonymous to economical and thrifty, but far from adjectives such as “tightwad,” “miser,” “sponger,” and “cheapskate.”  Frugal means “careful about spending money or using things when you do not need to” or “using money or supplies in a very careful way” according to Merriam-webster.com.  With this definition, it means you’re open and just nimble in buying, investing, and giving if you’re thrifty.   On the other note, frugality leads you to create wealth and be contentedly happy in simple life.

An epitome of frugal billionaire with a heart, the co-founder of Duty Free Shopper Chuck Feeney becomes rich because he’s hard worker and thrifty.  According to Forbes, the Irish-American uses public mode of transportation, shops items from retail stores, and lets his kids live like any regular ones.  The report added that when it comes in donating he’s generous that he beats Ingvar Kamprad and Warren Buffet. He has foundation called   Atlantic Philanthropies and has given billion dollar-worth of donations (around $6 Billion) to various health, educational, and research institutions.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

“I believe strongly in ‘giving while living,’” Fenny shared in a statement. “I see little reason to delay giving when so much good can be achieved through supporting worthwhile causes today. Besides, it’s a lot more fun to give while you live than to give while you are dead.”

Though frugality is a very good trait to maintain, it’s not adequate to reach your financial goals. You should also be a hard and astute worker in earning from income-generating matters and canny in investing.  According to a report of Financial Post, it’s ideal that you become high income earner and less spender to build lucrative wealth.