How To Know When You Need Counseling as a Couple: 8 Important Scenarios That May Signal The Time Is Right

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While nearly every relationship has its ups and downs, some times are simply more turbulent than others. It’s at these crucial times when the relationship is truly tested and, sadly, some couples just don’t make it through. That’s why it’s important to realize when you need counseling as a couple, so you can work through the difficulties, and on to the happily-ever-after, everyone is in search of.

  1. The Thrill Is Gone, Or At Least Fading

Intimacy can be a major part of any relationship, but not in all cases. If you and your partner usually enjoy romance and intimacy but have lost that loving feeling, talk to a counselor soon. When intimacy is a big part of your lives, losing it can have a significant impact on the future you have together.

  1. Trust Seems To Have Disappeared

Life can be hard on people, especially if they’ve experienced situations that cause them to lose trust; when that lack of trust spills over into a couple’s lives, anything can happen, including unfounded accusations and a distancing between you.

  1. The Digital Age Is Destroying Your Daily Lives

While modern conveniences do make life easier, they can also come between a couple, in a number of ways. If either one of you ever feels that you’ve been replaced by a cell phone, for example, the bond between you can be weakened. Talk to a counselor, who can help you put the devices where they belong, and put each other first again.

  1. Money Is Tight, Leading To Stress And Arguing

Finances are a leading cause of relationships breaking up; however, that doesn’t have to be the case for you and your partner, no matter how tight the budget gets. A counselor may serve as a mediator, helping you resolve the common disputes that arise when there isn’t enough money to go around.

  1. The Kids Are A Handful

Most kids, at some point in their upbringings, will cause their parents hardship. Sometimes, a couple can’t see eye-to-eye about discipline issues, creating friction that’s hard to get over. Professional guidance can help you come together as a couple to face the challenges, so your relationship isn’t compromised in the process.

  1. A Major Change Is Imminent And You And Your Partner Are Uptight

Whether you or your partner is starting a new job, you’re moving to a new home together or some other major life event is on the way, stress and tension may build, leading to nit-picking and eventually, full-blown arguments. Don’t let the pressure of life steal anything from your partnership; talk about the issue with a caring professional, instead.

  1. One Of You Has Been Unfaithful

Infidelity ranks right up there with money problems, as a common cause of couples fighting and, eventually, falling apart. Infidelity should be discussed, at length, if the relationship is to survive, but such conversations should not be held by just the two of you. Professional intervention can prevent violent and hurtful outbursts and help both of you learn to heal the wounds left by cheating, even if it doesn’t feel that way immediately following the infidelity.

  1. You’re Questioning Your Commitment To Each Other

If, for any reason or no particular reason, either one of you is questioning the value of being together, and you both want to remain together, definitely ask for help. Sometimes, couples grow apart on different issues or just start taking each other for granted and it’s at that this time that they really need to recognize the need for outside intervention.

No relationship is perfect, but if you’re ever left feeling like yours is in jeopardy, seek out couples counseling. It’s always good to re-examine the relationship and to understand how to make it work better, but the counseling you reach out for could actually keep the two of you together, and that’s always worth fighting for.

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