Know the Gold Jewelry that Suits your Face Shape

Gold Jewelry

Are you tired of reading tips to wear jewelry according to your face shape? If yes, then this one’s for you! Here is a complete guide that will provide you a full insight about the beautiful gold earrings design and gold chain designs for female that suits your face shape and makes it easier for you to identify the right design for you. This guide will be of immense help as it will help you to make your selection for the trending designs wisely by complimenting the design with your face shape.

The shape of your face defines the right design that you must select for your face. It is essential to know your face type before reading further: Round face, Diamond-shaped face, square face, heart face, oval face. These types of faces have different styles that match their appearance and make them look more mesmerizing and loveable.

Given below are the different types of Gold Jewelry designs that you must look for in the gold chain design catalogue to check the matching earrings that will suit best with it:


  • For the round Shaped face: Look for long narrow earrings that will perfectly match your look. These will elongate your face and add a charm to your look. This type of jewelry is best suited to be worn with simplicity. The round face tends to get a narrow jewelry design and no heavy or large designs that will rather ruin the entire look.
  • For the Oval Shaped face: In this case, you may choose the opposite type of jewelry that one decides for the round shaped face girls — large and hefty jewelry items that adorns the entire look. These jewelry designs will make a face look brighter and delightful.
  • For the Heart-shaped face: Different types of earrings, necklaces, and bangles available for the heart-shaped face are lightweight dropping earrings, simple pendant design chain to occupy your neck. Also, there are many classic pieces of jewelry to complete the entire look and feel.
  • For the Diamond Shaped Face: For people having a diamond-shaped face, the jewelry that will suit you is long earrings with heavily designed necklace that will make your entire look alluring, and people will surely compliment you.
  • For the Square/Rectangular Shaped Face: These people are the ones who should wear medium-sized earrings, and they should wear matching necklaces that will complete the look and also make you feel confident about the look.


Now that you have come to know about the various gold jewelry ornaments that must be worn by different face shapes, you should easily recognize your look and buy the required jewelry designs to get a dazzling diva look that will be appreciated by all. Also, this will help in getting a perfect appearance that will create a pleasant aura, and everyone will love your choice of your jewelry collection just because you chose something that suits your full look.