Know How and Why You Should Change Your Daily Routine

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Mitzi Ilagan |

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

How true is this? It will never be easy to change something that you have been used to do. A normal work day is what one is comfortable in. You think that is you’ve done something for the day, it has been a productive one. You think that you’ll never need to change anything from what you are doing every day. But change does not necessarily mean doing it for the worse. Change could lead you to something better, unlike doing the same thing over and over again. Here are the changes that you might consider doing today:

  1. Get Up Earlier

Making a habit of waking up early would give you a more energizing feeling when you’ve been used to getting up 30 mins before leaving the house. It brings you a lighter note that you are early for the day and you don’t need to cram, and you could carry the positive vibes on until the day ends. Also, you’d get to eat your breakfast which most people skip especially when they wake up late.

  1. Drink Water

Ever heard of the water therapy? It is an everyday routine where you’d have to drink water first thing in the morning even before brushing your teeth. Also, you’d have to avoid eating or drinking one hour prior to and after drinking a glass of water. Doing this may give you health benefits such as helping your body get rid of toxins, boosting your metabolism and making you hydrated for the day. You could also try lemon water, which most people drink nowadays. You could use a tumbler with a filter for lemon or you could juice a lemon and add it in the water for your daily source of Vitamin C and H2O.

  1. Write a to-do list for the day

Start with the things that you need to do in the morning and then chronologically until before you sleep. It is also important to take note of the things that you need to know for the next day so that you will be ready for what may come, and not just go with the flow. Having a to-do list may help you ensure that you get all things done as you cross it out from the list.

  1. Do “brain dead” tasks on breaks

When your brain decides to take a break and you suddenly can’t finish the sentence you are working on, you could still do something productive. You could arrange all the clutter around your desk and pile up the stack of papers beside your desktop as you wait for your creative juices to work again.

  1. Don’t make deadlines for yourself

There are things that you could not do easily even when you think that you could. You could set goals for yourself, but setting a deadline could make squeeze your tasks in the given time and might create poor results. Once you are able to complete a task, you could reward yourself even with minimal things so that you’d get motivated to start another one.

  1. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes

Failure is a part of the human nature. If you’re afraid to do so, then your life would probably be boring. Taking things too seriously and trying too hard may just stress you out. Besides, committing mistakes could help you learn, so might as well take the risk and do what you haven’t done yet.

  1. Stop Saying “Bad Words”

It’s time to get rid of all your negativities in life. Avoid saying that you “can’t” and that it will “never” happen. Don’t tell anyone that you “couldn’t” and you “wish you could”. Instead, believe and say that you can, could, will and you should. This positive thinking could lead you to things that you thought you couldn’t do. As the saying goes, “She believed she could, and she did.”

  1. Try observing the “Amish Hour”

In case you haven’t heard of it, amish hour is the 60-minute restraint from technology before sleeping time. This may be a difficult habit to change in your daily routine but as we all know, technology has its setbacks too. The light from TVs, laptops and smartphones hinders us from feeling sleepy, thus keeping us awake until midnight. You could use the amish hour to reflect on the events that happened within the day and even prepare for the next day

  1. Change

This may be a big word, but you could just change even the small things that delay your productivity. You could try to commute on your way to work, rather than use your car for a matter of 15-minute travel. Or you could just walk, if it’s just 4 km away. You could try bringing packed lunch instead of eating fast food every day. You could try to find a different hangout place instead of the usual coffee place where you used to go. Or maybe you could try drinking tea instead of coffee. You could also try using a different shade of lipstick or a different scent, for a change. These simple things may help you have a view of the other side of what life could offer, where you might discover something that is really meant for you.

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