Kindness Is King – 4 Tips For Working Generosity Into Your Brand’s Promotional Strategy

Sending Gifts to Your Friends Back Home Is a Love Language generosity | Kindness Is King – 4 Tips For Working Generosity Into Your Brand’s Promotional Strategy | The saying ‘you have to give before you get’ has never been more true in the marketing and promotions world. With money tight and stress at an all-time high, building trust and relationships should far outweigh going for the hard sell at the moment. Luckily, you’re probably already doing this on some level, so scaling your efforts shouldn’t take too much of an adjustment. 

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled this list of tips for working generosity into your brand’s promotional strategy. As you read, be sure to think about how they can fit around and bolster what you’ve already got set up. 

Targeted Freebies

Freebies have always been the easiest way to offer generosity to your customers but they’re not always optimized and this is a big mistake. A good freebie hits four key metrics: it’s relevant to your customer’s wants/needs, is actually useful, aligns with your brand, and fits properly within situational context. 

For example, promotional hand sanitizer is the perfect freebie at the moment. Retail outlets are short on stock, everyone wants and needs sanitizer, and you can easily slip a branded bottle in with proposals or goodie bags to show that you care about your customer’s wellbeing and are serious about hygiene. 

Discounts And Rewards

Another way to work in generosity is to reward long-term customers. You’ve both invested in your relationship to get it to where it is, but offering incentives can never hurt. If you don’t have one already, implement a rewards program to help give back and show customers that their patronage is appreciated. Likewise, if someone has been buying from you regularly for a while (or you’d like to cultivate a new relationship) it never hurts to shoot them a coupon for a discount on their next order.

Educational Resources

Generosity doesn’t always have to mean physical products or discounts. Much like the age-old saying, ‘give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,’ sometimes the most generous thing you can do is to educate someone. 

Consider offering appropriate educational resources as an opt-in. This allows you to collect email addresses, which is great for your email marketing strategy, while also providing value that could be worth far more to your customers than you realize.

Charity Drives

While this offer doesn’t technically provide generosity to your customers, it allows you (and them) to express it while supporting a charity or cause that could do with the help. Charity drives most commonly involve donating a percentage of overall profits or donating all or part of the profits from a particular product to your preferred cause. You can be as creative as you would like in how you work them into your marketing plan. You should also have a think about activities or events that you could host that align with both your brand and your preferred cause.

Consumers prefer to deal with businesses that showcase how much they care, meaning kindness really is king. By implementing these tips, you’ll be able to boost your brand awareness and reputation while also giving back to your customers and the community. This means that everybody wins and you walk away with a fuller heart as well as fuller pockets. Consider this list carefully and figure out how best to implement the tips alongside your current promotional strategy, then waste no time in getting them up and running. You won’t regret it.