Keep Learning, Keep Earning

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Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

If you dream of having a successful career, workers must realize that there is a need to constantly evolve. And by evolving, I mean constantly developing your skills and learning new things.

For college graduates, it will always be wise to learn a few things about technology and the trends that surround it. Being techie doesn’t mean being nerdy. Learning a new software application or two, would generally increase your professional value. Reading new stuff in your field of expertise is one of the best things that you could do to survive the competitive working world.

Technology professionals who keep their skills up to date are universally in demand. Thus the need to constantly learn and acquire new certifications based on the skills you have developed.

Industry leaders like Microsoft, Cisco and Hewlett Packard have continuously developed new core competencies that align with their technologies.

Employees who can work and adapt to new technologies with minimal intervention are what employers like the most.

Here are some advice that I could give to job seekers, to land them high paying jobs.

Be teachable.

Get opportunities to learn from the experts. Be open minded. Highly experienced and skilled people will always be the best teachers in different fields of expertise.


Volunteering gets you exposed to different industries. Experiences from nonprofit organizations earns you real world experience. Companies sometimes look for these in candidate resumes. They also are in the lookout for individuals who have earned their social responsibility badges or have undergone some charity work.

Get certified.

Industry certifications are in demand. Make sure that you undergo extensive training and review for these. Reputable firms are always in the lookout for certified individuals. Certifications are usually the basis for higher pay. Getting certified means improvement on your marketability. Check what suits you best.