Karen Bordador: It’s a secret; it’s just you and I


By Irene Tria | Executive Chronicles |

Karen Bordador is one of the fastest rising personality in showbiz . She was part of a reality show aired in ABS-CBN and made it to Top 3. She’s now enjoying her stint as the newest guidance counselor of LUV U (a Filipino teen comedy series that airs every Sunday afternoon after Kapamilya Mega Blockbusters and before TV Patrol Weekend also in ABS-CBN) played the role of Ms Nikita Ponti who has a secret identity as a starlet (Ela Estrada) one of the presidential beauties.

with the cast of LUV U
with the cast of LUV U

With all her busy schedule from her showbiz commitments, product endorsement, and magazine covers, Karen is also a regular radio jock  in Rx93.1 alongside with  former PBB housemate/rapper Rico Robles.  Their electric   pairing keep Live Wire listeners’ energies up through  evening  rush hour with showbiz news, sports update and sly humor.

Rx 93.1 Live Wire Mon-Fri 1-4pm
Rx 93.1 Live Wire

But did you know that Karen is actually a graduate of Business  Management from University of Asia and the Pacific and latter  decided to take up Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of  the Philippines.

Ms Brightside has been doing different kinds of business when she was younger. Her passion for entrepreneurship brought her into putting up her own e-commerce site and now is the largest Filipina community online shop with the help of her bestfriends, Charisse Abalos and Kristen Morados.

From Left to Right: Charisse Abalos, Karen Bordador and Kristen Morados
From Left to Right: Charisse Abalos, Karen Bordador and Kristen Morados

“I realized that instead of just promoting the products I am endorsing, I would rather sell them and try it also”.

Karen Bordador

Sister Secrets is an online community that is not limited to being a destination for online shopping but foster a community where our sisters can not only shop but actually have a venue where they can always learn and share about each other’s success stories and experiences to inspire each and every one to follow their dreams and find comfort in knowing that we can efficiently balance our work, family and friends while looking effortlessly chic!

Q: Where did the name Sister Secrets come from?

K: I thought about it in 2011. I bought the site (.com and .ph) because I wanted to share my secrets to friends. It’s like I wanna tell my sisters my secret in beauty, health and wellness. Sell interesting products that you won’t see in the market.

Q: What are the top-picked items?

K: Lip tint. It’s surprising that I have products below Php1000 but it’s the above Php1000 are saleable. Then there are clients who prefer buying in bundle which amount to Php20,000 and when I look at their age, their like at 26 years old, I mean they can afford.

Q: Have you ever experienced complaints from your clients?

K: It’s like, we have good reviews and then there’s this one girl who said “I didn’t think I get what you told me”, she was very disappointed. So I would personally talk to that person because I am so bothered. And even though that owners should not do this, just to compensate their bad feelings, I would give them GC’s. Well the site is about feeling good.

Like in any other e-commerce site, Sister Secrets have also experienced dispute that her only option was to pull down the site. 3 months of no sales. Crashed site for two weeks. Revamp the site which lasted for 1 month. But with patience, trusted people and perseverance, Sister Secrets was cited by Solar TV as the “Biggest Online Girl Community” and was awarded by Entrepreneur & Franchise Expo 2014 as the “Best New E-Commerce Lifestyle Website”. 

Q: What will be your advice  to aspiring young entrepreneur/s like you?

K: I think you have to be meticulous in getting your products. You have to try it for a month. Let your merchants bring samples. You have to focus on the quality. 

So if you love things of good quality but are still stylish, on trend, and just oh-so feminine! Sister Secrets are in constant search and discovery for such items to share on our site for our sisters! Sign up now to discover more! http://new.sistersecrets.com.ph/

Karen Bordador