Is Soup Diet Right for You? Top Things to Consider

Is Soup Diet Right for You | Is Soup Diet Right for You? Top Things to Consider | Have you heard of the soup diet and are wondering what it’s all about and if it even works? The soup diet for weight loss consists of eating mostly or only soup for a set amount of time.

To learn more about this diet and to see if it would work for you, keep reading. Find the nutritional plan you need by finding out more about this interesting and unique diet plan.

The Soup Diet Basics

The soup diet refers to only eating soup or mostly eating soup for a certain amount of time. These soups are most often broth-based, such as cabbage soup. While some that chose this diet chose to eat soup only, others choose to eat a diet of soup with an occasional serving of lean protein or a serving of fruits and veggies.

This diet type is sought after because it is very low in calories. However, this diet is intended to be used for a short amount of time to shed a few pounds or to prepare for another diet plan. Some do the soup diet for 10 days while others will do a 14 day rapid soup diet.

Broth-based soups have a high water content but are also low in calories so it provides the feeling of fullness without the carbs and calories of an alternative meal. It’s important to note that most of the weight that one loses doing the soup diet is water weight, not body fat.

Is the Soup Diet for You?

The main rule is that the participant commits to eating broth-based soups for over a week. Some will choose to only eat cabbage soups while others will do a canned soup diet for some convenience. If you want to do the soup diet, you should be willing to eat soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can choose whether or not you plan to only eat the broth-based soup or if you want to supplement your meals with some low-calorie foods to satisfy your cravings. Some good ideas for those wanting to eat more than just soup entirely while on this diet are fruits, veggies, and lean proteins such as chicken, beans, and tofu. However, these should be treated as a side, making sure that soup is the main course for each meal.

You’ll want to steer clear of any foods or soups that have cream, dairy, or starch. You should also stay away from fatty proteins and grains. While you can lose a significant amount of weight from eating the soup diet, you will need to continue healthy eating and lifestyle habits in order to keep the weight off after the diet ends.

The Soup Diet Explained

If the soup diet sounds like a great weight loss solution for you, do some research to figure out how you will customize this diet to meet your needs and start making a plan that works today.

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