Is it Generation Gap or Bad Ethics vs Skills?

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By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Every generation have unique quality and behavior in how they handle their careers.  Nowadays big chunk of people in the work force boost businesses through their knowledge in technology, communication, and adaptability. Despite of these features, companies are still problematic in managing their talents. Is it because of generation gap or bad ethics?

Big and established companies perhaps enjoy the perks of having Baby Boomer, Generation X and Millennial employees under one roof.  In the study of MidAmerica Nazarene University, 75% of managers agree that it’s a challenge to blend multi-generation teams. It’s primarily because each group has own descriptions about themselves like Millennials claim they’re more skilled, Generation X feel they’re tech-savvy, and Baby Boomers think they’re creative. Company leaders should be happy to have variety of experts in their firms, but diverse bad qualities of their members also a head-scratching concern.

Though bridging the gap and superb people management play huge roles, what basically affect employees are their attitude problems and mere excuses. One notorious example of such is punctuality, which usually the first offence employees commit even before they become regular. Though workers experience unexpected traffic jams and emergencies, late is late.  If it happens that their officers forgive them one and twice, some believe they can have mercies to the extent tardiness become innate quality.   This also applies in absenteeism and over break.

Another disrupting behaviors are gossiping, power tripping, and office politics. It’s not that the older employees are preachy and very traditional, perhaps they just want to stick to the rules. While most of them look grumpy, spreading negative stories about them don’t make sense.  In some cases power tripping and office politics may exist not in reality, but according to rumors. On the other side, these issues also rooted from conformity. Some employees are not like the others, but their different approaches don’t mean they break rules and intentionally want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

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