Are you just a multi-talented or multipotentialite!

Credit: Pixabay

MJ Gonzales │Executive

Day by day we see individuals with high potential to succeed.  They have particular interests that they’re determined to do at all costs. What if you have various talents that make you potentially pursue many interests?  Do you think you just need to find your calling or just accept that you’re “Multipotentialite?”

Perhaps similar to multi-talented, but according to Emilie Wapnick “multipotentalialites” pursue many contrasting fields. In her TED Talk, Wapnick divulged that before discovering that she’s multipotentalialite, she experienced anxiety.  The musician, filmmaker, law student, and entrepreneur shared at one point she’s not sure how to form a career by combining all her interests.  Furthermore, she also confessed that she once questioned if there’s something wrong with her or did she’s just afraid of success.

However, the career and life coach said culture dictates “the meaning of wrong or abnormal in doing many things.”  Life questions like “What do you want to be when you grow up” let young ones just imagine what they could be, but doesn’t inspire to pursue what all they could be.

“You might feel like you don’t have a purpose. And you might feel like there’s something wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with you. What you are is a multipotentialite,” Wapnick shared. “A multipotentialite is someone with many interests and creative pursuits.

multitasking photo by pixabayWhile many think that multipotentiality is a curse, the author of Renaissance Business said it gives you three extraordinary benefits such as “idea synthesis,” “rapid learning,” and “adaptability.”

If you’re asking if you have this gift, career specialist Marc Miller shared on CareerPivot   you could be multipotentialite if you go for one field then try something else if you have enough.  He added that the other factors to check are if you’re considered a renaissance person are if you have different interests, and jump from one job to another every 3 to 5 years.

Miller also shared Tamara Fishers’ take on multipotentiality. According to Fisher multipotentiality could be both “blessing and curse.” Fisher explained while some have many career choices in the future, others are stressed probably because they want (or force) to choose a particular career.