Inside the Brain of a Successful Entrepreneur


by Shekinah Sabrina Colcol, ExecutiveChronicles |

Have you ever wondered what are the thoughts of successful entrepreneurs – their deepest, darkest secrets, and their most innovative ideas and intriguing thoughts? You may have unknowingly encountered some of them on a seemingly ordinary day in a parking lot or in an elevator, and you wish you knew what they were thinking.


“I am really not into this kind of work.”

Many individuals have taken this venture into the world of entrepreneurship because they like the idea of controlling their income, working at their own pace and time without a boss. However, most entrepreneurs are after  their ROI’s instead of  pursuing what they love to do. I bet we can all agree that money does not solve your problems if you hate your work. It is best to achieve the equilibrium between your passion and your profession.


“There must be a system for everything.”

The BI Triangle of Robert Kiyosaki perfectly illustrates a system about how to properly conduct business.

B-I Triangle

The borders of the triangle addresses:

Team – Everyone needs people who have complementary set of skills. Do I have the necessary manpower to start a business?

Mission – What is the purpose of your company, product and/or service?

Leadership – Success does not necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution. How are you bringing your team to achieve that common goal?


The inside of the triangle addresses:

Cash flow – Are you spending more than you are earning? How can you cut down your costs to maximize your income?

Communications – How are ideas, plans or decisions transmitted? What platforms are being used to disseminate information?

Systems – How does your business operate daily? Are these guidelines defined and workable?

Legal – This element deals with license to operate a business, trademark, copyright, etc. Is your product protected by the law and approved by the authorities?

Product – What am I selling? What am I offering my customers?

Systems keep everything organized and it will help you keep track of your progress over time. It is absolutely important to establish a strong foundation on which your company will be built.



“I know what I can give and who I am selling to.”

You may have the most outstanding product or service in the world, but you still have to appeal to a specific target market if you aim to be the brand that the people chooses among several others. You need to identify your unique selling proposition in order for you to create your brand. Successful entrepreneurs are the best at what they do because they focused on exactly what their customers want from them. You are compelled to fabricate effective marketing strategies to better penetrate the niche market you have chosen. This is crucial to your immediate and long-term survival in the industry because consistency is key in attracting a growing number of consumers every day.


“It is necessary to give back.”

When was the last time you have genuinely shown appreciation to those who filled your pockets with money? If you want to be the brand that people patronize, then show them some love. This is also true for dealing with your clients especially because people do business with those that they like, and it adds to your list of professional network of skills, tools or resources that will extend your business in all directions. Be likeable. Form an image they can trust. Would you conduct business with those who are rude, dismissive and condescending? I would not. While it is clearly essential to increase your financial status, growing relationships will prove to be more satisfying.


“I understand that I am running a business, not a factory.”

Build connections with those around you because you will never know who or what might come across your path towards your success. After all, we are human beings, and not mere pieces of a machine to keep things going 24/7. Everything will be made easy if you get along with the people you work with. Regroup. Re-charge. Reflect. Seeing the potential in each member elevates their motivation to strive harder, and it will turn their productivity and efficiency up a notch.


Now you know what basically goes inside their heads, what do you think? Which of these thoughts should you start considering? Which ones should you begin developing?


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