How to Improve Your Marketing Message in a Creative Way


If you feel like your audience is not as interested in your products as before, it might be time for a new approach. However, maybe you have no ideas and don’t want to hire a marketing agency. Don’t worry, here are some creative ways how you can improve your marketing message.

Create an interesting persona

You probably already have profiles on all the relevant social media. However, just being on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is not enough. You need to create a unique persona for your brand. Knowing your audience is crucial for doing this. You have to know their demographic and what they like. Use gifs, pictures and quotes if you think they are appropriate for your brand. If you think your audience will understand memes, you can incorporate that into your posts as well. Make sure you are active and respond to questions and comments. Your social media pages are great for extending your brand culture and message, and you can learn a lot from big brands like Netflix and Wendy’s.

Have a blog

It doesn’t matter if you are an online business or a brick-and-mortar one, you need a website. However, in order to improve your creative marketing strategy, you should also start a blog. Share some useful tutorials concerning your business and its products or services. Talk about things you know and you can establish yourself as an expert in your field. Just make sure that your content is original.

Write for other blogs

Apart from writing for your own blog, you can also collaborate with other blogs. Look for some bloggers that work in the same or complementary field, and see whether they are willing to publish your articles. If they have a bigger reach, they can help you widen your audience. You can offer them the same opportunity and let them post on your blog.

Turn to influencers

Similarly to working with other blogs, you can also turn to influencers. This type of marketing is getting more and more popular. The people you decide to work with do not need to have a huge following, they just need authority in their field. Their audience is willing to try and buy the things they recommend, so you just need to find the right influencer.

Take part in industry events

You have to keep in mind that digital ways of marketing only are not the best approach for your campaign. It is crucial to combine online and offline marketing strategies for positive results. You should work on your connections. Establishing partnerships and mutual referrals can bring you great benefits. That is why you have to visit events related to your industry. If there are any fairs or shows in your field, you should take part. Put up your own promotional displays and let people talk to you. You never know when you’ll meet new clients and partners.

Promotional materials

Do not forget to give out some promotional materials when talking to potential customers. People usually like getting some useful things and they don’t mind that it is branded. That way, they will spread your message to people they don’t even know. Think about T-shirts and caps, umbrellas, mugs. You can even make promotional USBs and keychains. Just make sure your logo and name are visible.

Organize contests

An interesting approach that attracts a lot of people is organizing contests. You can ask people to create your new promos or design some part of your next campaign. Try starting a hashtag and ask people to post pictures of your product used in a creative way. Many famous brands use this approach, so give it a go. You can reward the winners with a shout-out, a tour of your facilities or free products.

Give to charity

You should look for a local charity that you can support. Seeing as how not everyone can donate money, you can donate your time instead. Volunteering for an event can bring you visibility and credibility. Ask your employees to take part as well.

Go green

Plenty of people are determined to only work with environmentally conscious companies. That is why you should go green (in case you haven’t already) and mention it in your ads. Your website should also list all the ways in which you are trying to save the planet.

Of course, all of these ideas mean nothing if you don’t keep track of your metrics. See what works and what doesn’t, and adjust your approach accordingly. Good luck.

Mike is an Australian IT support professional. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.