Most Important Tips To Avoid Car Accidents

Most Important Tips To Avoid Car Accidents
Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash

ExecutiveChronicles | Most Important Tips To Avoid Car Accidents | No matter where you go and how good you are at driving a car, accidents can always happen. It is really important that you practice safe car driving and that you are aware of everything that happens around you. Losing attention may be the most common reason why car accidents happen but we should acknowledge the fact that many accidents also happen because car accident prevention is literally unknown by most drivers. That is exactly why you need to remember these tips. If you need more help, you need to contact a specialist, like truck accident lawyer Springfield.

Slowly Pull Into Traffic

Always listen, look, stop and be aware of your blind spots. As you are in an intersection and you prepare to take a right hand turn, you want to check both directions two times before you proceed. It is so easy for vehicles to appear quite quickly and virtually out of nowhere. Caution as you are getting close to a really busy intersection is very important.

Be Careful With Red Light Runners

Do not instantly enter the intersection as you get a green light. You want to look both ways and be 100% sure that there is no careless driver that tries to speed the yellow light. If you will pass semis you need extra caution since the truck driver does have really large blind spots, especially on the right-hand side. The basic rule of thumb is that when you do not see the side mirror of a truck the driver will not be able to see you.

At Least One Of Your Hands Should Be On The Steering Wheel At All Times

Modern driving is more dangerous even if the cars are safer because of the numerous in-car distractions that appeared. People often deal with eating, cell phones, CD players, MP3 players, navigation systems, and radio stations. All these distractions can easily make you take the hand from the steering wheel to do something. This is extremely dangerous since even a strong wind hitting your car can cause an accident. Although it is recommended to keep both hands on your steering wheel as much as possible, this is normally not always possible. However, at least one should be there and there is no excuse if this does not happen.

Regular Engine Maintenance

Vehicle failures tend to appear when drivers least expect it. Most of them can be avoided through a regular engine maintenance schedule. Do be sure that your car is in proper working condition, even if you rent it. Checking tires and oil levels should be the minimum you do every time you drive.

Never Tailgate

You should have a 3-second cushion between the car you drive and the one that is in front of you. Try to start journeys as early as you can so that you are not tempted to speed in order to make up lost time. You may be in a huge hurry and it will be tempting but tailgating is dangerous, much more dangerous than people expect. It is actually one of the major accident causes around the world.

Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash