Importance of Your Personal Statement – Can It Break or Make Your Law School Chance?

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Executive Chronicles | Importance of Your Personal Statement – Can It Break or Make Your Law School Chance? | It might seem that you have done this before also. You write an incredible personal statement that got you in the college, and thus your law school personal statement will be a breeze. Do you also think so? 

Well, you can, but it might not be the true scenario. Unless you are getting feedback on the personal statement, you will have no idea of what will work and whatnot. It is because the personal statement is the most important part of the law school application and can easily make or break the opportunity of getting into the law school. This is why it is important for you to know everything you need to know to get into law school that also include facts about personal statement. 

This post talks about some useful tips on how to write your personal statement that looks stellar. 

  • Keep the Focus on You

In most circumstances, being unique is indeed a very good thing. While writing the personal statement, think about your life and what events and even challenges have made you the person you are today. It can be someone from your family, teacher, or friend. Or you might have experienced something profound. 

It might happen that those memories will result in a great personal statement. Well, the memory doesn’t have to say, though many statements pick that emotion. Make sure to focus on a specific event or the person and not your life story. 

  • Minimize the “Legalese”

The reviewers of the law school have already predicted that you aspire to become a lawyer. It does not make sense to dazzle them with legal jargon and a passionate story on something that changed your life completely. 

Apart from a stanza at the end of the personal statement, make sure to discuss the legal profession only if you truly feel that you have got a unique as well as a compelling story to tell. In case you choose to do a personal statement irrespective of the practice of law, there is no need to sound like a lawyer right off the bat. Using standard grammatically correct language would be enough. 

  • Try to be captivating as much as possible

It is important to understand the administration involved in law school admissions read hundreds of personal statements every day. The scenario is such that even the most enthusiastic reader gets tired of reading essays after some time. 

So, under any circumstances, the statement should be unique as well as interesting. The writing style must have the power to leave a deep impact on the statement. Let’s find out some useful points that will help you to write engaging and enthralling personal statements. 

  • Start with a bold intro – Rather than revealing it in the middle of the statement, leave your mark at the opening of the statement by making a big revelation. 
  • Try to write in direct and short style – Don’t be Charles Dickens while writing the personal statement. Overusing SAT words and details will let you lose the audience, and you will fail to impress them. 
  • Place a conclusion to leave your impact – Rather than having a conclusion stating why you aspire you become a lawyer, write something interesting so that it connects with the rest of the statement

Remember, once you complete the draft, do not hesitate to ask for opinions. You can ask seniors, mentors, or someone from the family to go through the same. This is known as editing, and it will help you to detect typos and make sure that everything is in order. 

So, now that you are aware of how to write a personal statement make sure to create a stellar one. You can your questions or give any suggestions regarding the discussion below in the comment section.